11 Ways to find the Best Digital Marketing Company in Nepal

Best Digital Marketing Company in Nepal

In simple terms, digital marketing is any form of marketing that exists online. It is the marketing of products or services through digital technologies. Digital marketing specifically is the advertisement of one’s products delivered through digital channels.  Such as search engines, websites, social media, and mobile applications.

Through digital marketing, a brand’s visibility and presence can be brought online. Digital marketing not only helps a brand to compete in a local scale but also in a global one. Not only that, it further allows businesses to focus on their targeted audiences and act accordingly to maximize the leads, clients, and profit as a whole.

Digital marketing itself is a very broad term. It encompasses several other methods for boosting one’s business or a company like Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), content marketing, data-driven marketing, social media marketing, campaign marketing (e.g., Email marketing) and e-commerce marketing.

According to recent researches, constant internet usage among adults has increased by 5% just in the last three years. Because of this, the way we conduct transactions like shopping, buying & selling stuff, etc. has also changed a lot.

Digital marketing has largely taken over offline or traditional marketing. And offline marketing isn’t as powerful and effective as it was before. Marketing has always been about connecting with audiences in the appropriate place and time. Today, that means meeting potential clients where they spend most of their time, i.e., on the internet.

Marketing Digitally

The world around us has visibly gone digital. If we see the case in developed foreign nations, everything is associated and done digitally. Be it conducting transactions (buying/selling), renting transport (through applications like Uber), bookings and review (through sites like Tripadvisor and Yelp), elections, etc. everything is through internet usage.

Digital Marketing in Nepal

Marketing strategies are also focused more on digital marketing compared to traditional offline marketing. Due to this, businesses and organizations in developed 1st world nations have also been able to save time, money and get recognized in a global stage.

Digital Marketing in Nepal’s context:

Digital marketing in Nepal is a relatively newer trend. But many people, businesses and organizations have already started to implement digital marketing to boost their business and profit. Internet/Digital marketing is the clear choice for all businesses trying to accelerate their growth and expand their reach.

Digital marketing in Nepal is really the next big thing.

As more and more customers are growing online on a daily basis, the chances of reaching consumers also increase. Digital marketing is the most cost-effective platform for marketing in Nepal.

However, internet marketing till now has made minimal progress in Nepal due to lack of knowledge about it in the general public. Digital marketing in Kathmandu city, however, has been a growing trend and businesses in the capital have been going digital recently.

“If Your Business Is Not On The Internet, Then Your Business Will Be Out Of Business” – Bill Gates.

Only recently have Nepalese people started to realize the importance of a digital presence has for a business or company to grow and achieve success on a global scale.

According to statistics from NTA, “As of October 2017, 16.67 million Nepalese had been connected to the internet, up 15.60 percent year-on-year.” This means nearly 63 percent of Nepal’s population is now connected to the internet.  Every Government agency, private firms, NGO’s and INGO’s are starting to increase internet reach and awareness in Nepal.

Digital marketing in Nepal is a field with huge potential. Due to the lack of digital marketing presence.  Nepal has become a playground for businesses to dominate in their respective fields through digital marketing.

However, as things are going, this playground will turn into a battleground in the coming years as more and more companies start competing digitally.

Source of Digital Marketing in Nepal

Does creating a website suffice your hunger for business growth? – Definitely No! You must apply sources of Digital Marketing for its development and growth.

A website is the prominent part of Digital Marketing in Nepal, or anywhere else in the world, you must adhere to the different sources for the ultimate result. To successfully run your business via digital marketing in Nepal, you must consider applying the following sources to your website.

1. Social Media Marketing

Digital Marketing in Nepal

Technology has made the world a small village, where we can connect with anyone at any place through the means of social media. Anything you post on your social media can be shared digitally to every part of the world. It not only serves the purpose of communication, but it has also become a powerful tool of Digital Marketing. So, social media is an efficient and effective method of Digital Marketing.

In the context of Digital Marketing in Nepal, as reported by Domestic social media marketing agencies, there are 9.8 million active Facebook and Instagram users. So, you see, social media can provide a huge amount of online traffic to your websites. It has become the biggest platform, where people share and gain information globally.

Social media boosting is the perfect way for digitally marketing your business to millions of people all over the world.

2. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO Experts in Nepal

SEO is the most imperial part of digital marketing. Now, what is SEO?

Whenever we search for anything in Search Engine, there is a 99.9% chance of clicking the top website for the information. Now, why any other website isn’t at the top? Because those websites lack SEO.

So, the primary purpose of SEO is to rank your website to the first page of the search result, which automatically draws the majority of visitors.

No one will go through your website if you haven’t done SEO and it will be as if your website is non-existent. SEO helps to fetch the traffic organically from search engines, and it is the very reason why Digital Marketing in Nepal is paying much attention to SEO in these recent years where every company of Nepal has SEO experts.

a. On-Page SEO

On-page SEO is about content on the site. It incorporates techniques to improve an individual page on a site. Subsequently, these variables help to make search engine accept the website to be a solid and profitable source.

b.  Off-Page SEO

Off-page SEO proposes approaches to advance website and blog content to improve rankings of your website and accordingly constructs a website’s reputation. It makes a website dependable and confided in source for discovering important data to tackle questions of the guests.

3. Content Marketing

Digital Marketing in Nepal

Everything you post or share online is “content.” It’s up to you how you represent the content to the world. There could be various types of content like text, video, ads banner, images, and many more that you could include as an information purpose.

The means of information transfer has evolved in the context of Nepal as well, and people are getting more advanced and realistic. Only texted information is not acceptable at this age. Your content will help your business progress in Digital marketing.

Whenever we hear “Just Do It,” we immediately remember Nike as its unique slogan. That slogan is the content of Nike for its worldwide identification. That is why content marketing is so vital that it has the power of leaving a lifelong remembrance to the public.

4. Google Advertisement

Google is the largest search engine in the world till date, where billions of data are searched daily. And so, it is the most successful way of digital marketing in the present world. This technique will surely drag in a huge amount of traffic as you business ads appear on the first rank of the web page.

Google ads are one of the most effective sources of digital marketing in Nepal. Here you pay certain money for Google to rank your website on the top of the search result. This provides instant buildup for your business.

5. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a course of action by which an online retailer pays commission to an outsider website for traffic or sales reason. This marketing is conquering all over the world, basically for sales related purpose.

Affiliate marketing is trending in top of digital marketing in Nepal. We can find affiliated marketing from Nepal like Daraz, Sasto deal, Hamro bazar, etc.

Qualities one should look for while searching for a digital marketing company in Nepal:

With the rapid rise of the digital marketing field, many digital marketing companies have popped up and are vying for customers. All of them claim to be the best to get more customers. Here, we’ve presented you with some important traits or qualities of a good digital marketing company:

1. A Powerful Website:

Website of the digital marketing company is the first place where the potential clients make their contact. If they have a good website, automatically the clients will have a good first impression. A good internet marketing agency will possess a current and up to date website.

A company implementing good SEO practices will automatically appear in front of searches when searching for their core services and geographic area. The website should also be engaging, modern, have an active blog, responsive design and provide a call to action facilities.

2. A Robust Team:

“Teamwork makes the Dream-work.”

Digital Marketing in Nepal

If you choose a digital marketing partner with a powerful team then, it will surely bring unprecedented success and 100% result. When looking for an online marketing agency, one should get to know the entire team as well.

A good company will be proud of their overall team and will put them front and center. They should possess a multi-disciplined team consisting of experts in their respective fields like an SEO expert, content strategist, designer, social media and brand developer, the involvement of CEO/owner, etc.

3.Armed with the right tools and the expertise to use them:

When meeting and discussing with the team, do not forget to ask them about which tools they work on. Get an idea about the tools they use for various online marketing activities like SEO, social media marketing, content marketing, e-mail campaigning, pay per click, etc.

Just be equipped with the right tools is not enough at all. As the most important part is knowing about how effectively they can work on it. An idea should be gained on the level of expertise they have gained on each tool and how effectively they can use them.

4. Online reviews:

Online reviews are one of the most effective ways to find out if the digital marketing company is worth investing upon or not. While conducting online reviews, one should focus on getting reviews from trusted outlets as there are so many reviewing outlets and all of them may not give the correct or actual reviews about the company.

“Presently, Google and Yelp are two of the most trusted outlets for reviews.”

One should also be smart enough to check out the company’s social media accounts like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. and try to get in-depth information about them. Also, in interactive review platforms. If you see a lot of reviews about the company but no interaction from their part, then better start looking for other companies.


Testimonials are the good reviews that a digital marketing company’s clients have given them directly. Testimonials are more trustworthy and give a more inside picture of the company as these are honest moments of gratitude from their clients for some noteworthy tasks.

While going through testimonials, one should keep in mind the fact that the more the testimonials a company has, the better. If they have hundreds of testimonials, this reflects their consistency, drive, motivation, and deliverability on their part. If one only has few testimonials, it’s possible that they got them from family, friends or acquaintances.

Generally, digital marketing companies put forward their testimonials somewhere clearly visible on their site. They may even have testimonials templated into the header or footer of their web pages.

6.Internal Leadership:

“A Digital Marketing  company can only be as strong as its leader.”

The leader of the company should be the person who should pave the way for the rest of the company. When conducting meetings with the company, make sure that the leader has an energetic and positive personality and shows dedication towards growing your organization and providing the best services.

If that leader is a disconnected guy with a buy-it-or-leave-it mentality, then the company itself probably doesn’t have the mentality required to get the results for its clients.

7. A company culture you can revel in:

Your digital marketing agency will be working closely with you and your team. So it’s very much important that their culture jibes with yours. This is a subjective matter, but it is just as important as any other qualities you should look for while searching for your digital marketing partner.

 If they are a fun group of people to meet and also have a warm and fun environment among themselves. Then the more chances there is that they will work better for you.


Discussing the inner-workings of a company to helps potential clients to feel more comfortable and welcome. Transparency can be evaluated in a lot of ways, but pricing and social media are two of the most helpful ones.

Pricing transparency is important because it directly gives you information about what you can expect to pay for the services you’ll get. Most digital marketing companies don’t discuss their pricing online but select few that do. This shows their dedication towards the success of their clients.

Online marketing agencies use social media for promoting content, build a following, customer service, etc. and a few more purposes. If they promote lots of content and are responsive, they’re probably looking to attract and help potential customers.

However, if they aren’t active on social media, then it will give the impression that they aren’t completely engaged with their clients.

9. Internal growth:

Digital Marketing in Nepal

Before closing the deal with any online marketing company, one should get a clear idea about the company’s success over time. And if the company is growing (making profit) or is it shrinking (is at loss).

Growing companies provide good service, are trustworthy and reliable. If a  company has a good retention rate (retain clients over time), then it directly points out that the company is growing. Shrinking companies are a red flag. As it will introduce a trend of negativity, quitting or frequent changes in the company direction.

10.Lofty Ambitions:

Good companies propel themselves forward in the pursuit of new ways to promote themselves and their clients. Ambitious digital marketing companies develop an internal marketing team to invent new processes and refine old ones, ensuring there’s a consistent flow of ideas that help their clients as well as themselves succeed.

 Ambitious agencies won’t just develop good ideas but also implement them successfully keeping them at the cutting edge of digital marketing industry as a whole. They might even give you some insight into how they identify new strategies and may even get you involved in the process.

11. Performance delivery & problem-solving capability:

Performance is one of the most important and at the same time the simplest metric that can be used to evaluate a digital marketing agency.

  • Does the digital marketing company perform the way they say they do?
  • Do they go out of their way and out of their comfort zones for their customers?
  • Do they get the results expected?
  • Is your digital marketing partner aiding you in earning the revenue for you?

If the answers related to these four questions are positive about any digital marketing company. Then you can choose them without any worries.

Problem-solving is one of the must-have traits in a digital marketing agency. Projects might not always go smoothly. But if they are solution-oriented, they will know how to deal with the glitches along the way. They will be quick to recognize the errors, solve bugs and deliver the work on time.

Looking for a digital marketing partner may seem like an overwhelming process. But actually, it is a very fun and creative process. Do your homework, some steady research and find the perfect match for you and your organization. If you have any questions or if you are looking for a digital marketing partner, you can always contact us.

Hansikar Technologies is a digital marketing company in Kathmandu, Nepal. We are one of the best digital marketing agencies in town. We provide our clients with full support, care and make them feel welcome. And most importantly deliver the results they expect.

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