Why do you need Digital Marketing for Events in 2020?

Why do you need Digital Marketing for Events in 2020?

The only currently leading marketing platform in this era is Digital Marketing. With the rapid growth of the digital world, there is no big surprise that organizations are taking advantage of digital marketing for events.

People nowadays, not only use the platform of digital marketing to boost marketing, sales, brand awareness but also to promote their upcoming events. Promotions before events have been used widely all over the world. You can see that the organizations promoting their products before a week or months of release to drag the attention of locals as well as global.

Well, marketing before the events is a really great idea to fetch the maximum number of people at the time of events. If you lack the service of digital marketing, then people won’t notice about your events, and there will be fewer participants who will cause less brand awareness and so on.

In this article, we will discuss the following topics:

  1. Current Situation of Digital Marketing for Events
  2. Importance of Digital Marketing for Events
  3. Methods of Digital Marketing for Event Marketing
  4. Tips and Tricks to improve Digital Marketing for Events

Current Situation of Digital Marketing for Events

Digital Marketing, before organizing any events, has been a common strategy of every business or even individuals. People share short clips highlighting their products, movies, etc. before actually releasing to aware people that their products are going to release in a certain time period.

Digital Marketing at Events

This has been mandatory for every business, and it has to be done for better results after the release or organizing the event. Now, let’s suppose that you released the movie without advertising or marketing to anyone. Surely, you will have very few visitors to watch your movie who are close to you. So, without proper marketing before the events, you can imagine the loss of your effort and contribution to certain activities.

Some examples of Marketing for Events are as follows:

  1. Trailer before the movie release
  2. Wall posters before any popular events
  3. Invitation cards before ceremonials
  4. Premiering videos on YouTube
  5. Promo videos on famous TV shows

These are the currently used marketing processes before actually performing some events which triple the people’s participation in any upcoming events. These processes are adversely used in the field of Digital Marketing as a pre-promotional use.

Importance of Digital Marketing for Events

The basic reason for an organization or business to advertise their products before the event is to build its brand. Likewise, to aware the people about the upcoming events is another big reason behind Digital Marketing.

Do you want the maximum number of people to participate during the event? Well, if yes, then you must advertise some highlights regarding the events, i.e., if your event is about the corporation need like some kinds of the seminar then you need to provide the exact location of the event, the chief guest for the events and so on.

Your advertisement needs to fetch the interest of people to participate in the seminar. So, if a higher number of people attend the seminar then, you will get a good chance of having a possible candidate for your event — likewise, an event of product launch where digital marketing plays a very important role in promoting your product.

Some methods of Digital Marketing for Event marketing:

1. Social Media Marketing

Promoting on social media is the best and most effective way to reach the local people. You get various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, etc. to fetch more number of people.

Social media event advertisement

You can create, share, and manage the advertisement relating to the event. Also, it is the cheapest way of advertising digitally and reaches the maximum number of people.

2. Having a Website

The website provides detail information on every upcoming event on the internet, i.e., Google Search Engine. It works well for the people who hear little about the event and desires to learn more. You can add every possible information like contact, event organizer, location, the purpose of the event and so on. It increases the possibility of incoming participants to the event.

3. PPC (Pay-Per-Click) Advertising

PPC advertises your upcoming events on the top of the search engine result page. Like if anyone types “Upcoming Events in Nepal,” then your advertisement will appear at the top of search engine result page, and people will immediately click on your advertisement. This will increase the engagement of individuals towards the event, and you can build your brand in other hand.

You can customize the targeting features on the PPC advertisement to reach your invitation to the right and interested audience. Such as, if your event is related to car product launch, then you can target the specific people who are fund of buying or driving cars. This will increase the participation of interested people to your event.

4. Email Marketing

Email Marketing has got its important feature of reaching people’s smartphones and computers that they are in touch with every time. You can attract and retain customers with an email to promote and deliver a special message that the customer cannot ignore. There is big chance of engagement with customer with email marketing. Also, it is free source of marketing that is really simple to execute. You can get direct attention of an audience with email marketing.

Email offers an unbeatable ROI (Return on Investment) where research shows that email marketing generates $38 for every $1 spent.

5. SMS Marketing

Just like Email Marketing, SMS marketing works similar to it. Email marketing is electronic marketing where you must have internet to view the message of invitation but incase of SMS marketing, there is no need of internet connection, and it directly appears on the screen of smartphones.

Generally, it is an alternative method of Email Marketing but works much better than Email marketing. So, in case you don’t have to option of Email marketing, you can always prefer the service of SMS marketing.

Tips to improve Digital Marketing for Events

For those who are struggling to gain participants on their events, here are some really effective tips to improve Digital Marketing for events:

1. Social Media Campaign for Free Tickets

This strategy works every single time on social media. With the aim of having free tickets a huge number of people get to engage with your post. The more engaging your post, the more people will know about your post related to event, and automatically people will follow up your lead.

Free Entry Ticket
Free Entry Ticket

You can create some MCQ questions on the post to answer, and the very first three people with the right answer get the free ticket of event. This is the currently growing way of attracting people with free ticket plan.

2. Cooperate with Partners

Cooperate with partners can also be said as finding a sponsor for your events. Linking the events with bigger organizations will surely increase your guest list at the event. Adding only the name of the sponsor and partner will increase the trust and reliability of your event because bigger companies are behind your success.

3. Use Targeted ads

Targeting specific location and interested people should be done before the event organizers to get maximum involvement. If you organize an event on Kathmandu then you want to make sure maximum people from Kathmandu are involved in the event.

You can target a specific location, people with certain age limits, gender, and many more to get better results and correct participants at the event.

4. Create an Illusion of Scarcity

People generally take immediate action whenever they feel the product is going to go out of stock. In this case, because of the feeling of scarcity, people get more involved in sales. You can post a status saying “It’s happening only once” or even create a countdown timer.

Illusion of Scarcity for Events
Illusion of Scarcity

Countdown timer creates a sense of urgency that works every single time. After the timer is set-up, a fear of losing their chance to buy your product will increase, and that creates immediate engagements.

5. Promote on Every possible Social Media

Finally, the most important point that you mustn’t miss at the case of digital marketing. Because millions of people are active every single second at social media. Your promotion on social media will reach to millions of people within a couple of seconds to aware of the event.

This is the most effective medium of advertising and creating awareness among people before the organization of the event. Believe it or not, it is the best technique to digital marketing. More social media platform means more visitors so, promote on every possible social media platforms.


I guess you got pretty good information about the importance of Digital Marketing for Events management. Really it is the vital part that you must conduct before organizing any event. So, if you are conducting or organizing any events, then always remember the benefits of digital marketing which will surely change the outcome of that event.