9 Qualities To Consider When Choosing Digital Marketing Agency

9 Qualities To Consider When Choosing Digital Marketing Agency

When the world market is going through dynamic changes, How to influence purchases decision of consumers? Many marketers struggle to search for the best answer to this question.

This is the age of digitalization, and people are spending most of their time in the virtual world, thereby you being a business, you need to understand the changing scenario. What you need to know is that you need to be there where your customers are.

The digital marketing agency can help bridge you to your customers.  This article discusses the major nine qualities you need to consider when selecting the Digital Marketing Agency.

Before talking about the main topic, let’s discuss the questions that marketers may raise.

Why does the business need a digital marketing agency?

Digital marketing agency looks after the development, management, and implementation of your online marketing strategy. The motive of these agencies is to grow the business through an online marketing strategy.

Marketing Agency
Digital Marketing Agency

These agencies have a team of experts working to establish your business in the digital market. The experts who are working for your business are SEO experts, Content marketing experts, Social media marketing experts.

If you decide to hire these experts rather than working with the digital marketing agency, then this will cost you more. No matter what is the size of your business, a digital marketing agency will produce a budget that suits your business.

A digital marketing agency knows and understands the requirements of your business to flourish in the digital platform. This is why they tailor the package that suits the specific business type to start the digital journey.

Handing over your digital marketing work to the agency will surely save your time and effort. This means that you can utilize your time in other internal and external work.

What are the services that digital marketing agencies offer?

When digital marketing is taking heights in the global market, Nepalese businesses are also stepping into the digital market. People around the world are getting digitalized, and so do Nepalese people who are also on the social media platform.

Therefore, Nepalese businesses are also incorporating digital marketing in their marketing strategy to reach more customers as possible.


The major services that digital marketing agencies offers are:

  • Search Engine Marketing: It is a paid advertisement that displays your business on the top of the Search Engine Result Page (SERP). This type of ad is called Pay Per Click (PPC) ads, and this means that you only need to pay when anyone clicks on your ad.
  • Search Engine Optimization: It is the process that increases the number of traffic on your website or web page. SEO helps marketers increase business website visibility by creating brand awareness.
  • Social Media Marketing: Social media is a popular platform among all the age groups. It doesn’t matter which age group your business target, your presence in social media will create a positive impact on your sales.

Moreover, a digital marketing agency may also help you will a marketing strategy. These agencies are well familiar with the digital platform and how people function on this platform, which is why they can suggest you the marketing strategy that suits your business.

Major 9 qualities to consider when choosing a digital marketing agency

For a marketing agency to be an excellent service provider, they need to have the nine factors below.

Positive Online Reviews

In the process of choosing the agency, the fast and effective steps you need to consider is checking online reviews. These reviews say a lot about the agency and their working pattern.

You may prefer checking about the agencies on Google. Many businesses have their GMB account on Google, where customers and clients review the products and services of the business.

Online Reviews
Online Reviews

Search the digital marketing agency name in Google, and then you will get a full page of results about the agency. Along with the links related to the agency, you will also come across the Google My Business profile of that agency.

The links that you get will take you to the related landing page of that agency. If you want to know more about that agency, you can visit the website of the agency through the agency’s GMB profile.

If you want to judge the agency through reviews, Google will show you actual reviews of the company in the search result.  This is done on the base of the star rating.

The reviews that Google shows you can be of clients or the ex-staffs. Considering these reviews, you can determine that agency suit your business or not.

Own Online Marketing Strategy

Is the agency capable enough to show their presence in the digital platform? This is the question that you need to ask before you choose the digital marketing agency for you.

Searching digital marketing agency on the search engine is the most important part of the research. After all, if the agency is not able to show its presence in the search result that how can it help you with digital marketing.

If you want the agency to look after your social media, then the agency should have an interesting social media profile. What you should know as a business is that if the selected agency has an engaging social media platform, then that agency can create your engaging social media platform too.

Likewise, if you want excellent PPC, the agency should have compelling ads on important keywords.

You need to analyze the marketing strategy used by the digital marketing agency and the overall response of the people if your analytical result has positivity in it, then you may prefer selecting that agency.

Strong Internal Leadership

The digital marketing agency can perform well only if it has strong leadership. For an agency to perform well, it should have a proper flow of information. This is only possible if the leader leads the organization rather than a boss.

The strong and dedicated leader can motivate the staff to work creatively and effectively, which will eventually impact the client and grow the agency with time.


When a leader of the agency exhibits positive characteristics, the staff of the agency will take those characteristics as well. Hard work, dedication, learning attitude, excellent customer service are qualities that leaders and the agency should possess.

The leader of the agency should make sure that the agency has a collection of like-minded staff. Like-minded staff can coordinate properly, generating an effective result.

Before you choose the agency for your business, you need to make sure that whether the agency is own by the leader or boss.

Internal Culture In The Agency

Internal activities refer to how the agency performs its daily activities and communication with its team. This shows how well the agency can coordinate to perform creative activities.

Culture is surprisingly important in a digital marketing agency because happy staffs produce a better result. And for a digital marketing agency, just better result is not enough as it about generating the creative result.

The creative work can only be produced if there is excellent coordination in the team. Coordination in digital marketing is a key factor because the staff is constantly busy.

Most companies are adopting this culture, which encourages staff retention and participation in the company’s growth. When companies are embedding happy culture, then a digital marketing agency has to adopt it too because it’s the right formula for excellent coordination.

You can sense the positive vibes of the digital marketing agency by looking at their site. The happy digital marketing agency will share photos of their staff, the event they’ve conducted, and the special moment of the agency.

So, if you want to work with a good marketing agency, look for the smiling face of the team. It is not easy to provide a happy workplace for a team if you think the agency has happy staff then do not hesitate to choose.

Look For Growing Digital Marketing Agency

Is the digital marketing agency growing or stalling? Internal growth determines the success of the company over time.

Growing agencies indicate good works, trustworthiness, and reliability. After all, the agency can only gain profit if the client earns a profit.

Growth also denotes that an agency can retain clients over time. The retention rate contributes to the agency’s overall growth rate. This means that the client in this agency is doing great in the digital marketing platform.

On the other hand, stalling or shrinking agency will do through negative phrases like staff quitting, losing clients, and change in agency direction.

This means that the company is not able to create a happy work environment, which results in unhappy staff, which will ultimately affect in loss of clients.

Therefore, discussing internal issues of the digital marketing agency is important. As the staff of that agency does your work, you should be concern about whether the staff is happy or not.

If the digital marketing agency just talks about satisfied clients and not very open about its staff, it indicates that there is some issue in that agency. The agency with happy staff will never hesitate to talk about its clients.

Transparency Of Digital Marketing Agency

Many businesses think that the transparency of the agency should not be concerned about it. But when you know how the work is done in the agency, you will be confident enough to work with it.

The two things on which digital marketing agency needs to be transparent is that in pricing and social media.

Transparency in Digital Marketing Agency

If the agency is transparent about its pricing, you will know exactly how much money to allocate for digital marketing. This is important because it helps to determine if you can afford to pay before signing the contract.

Many agencies also offer pricing packages for the businesses to choose among the package that suits them. Doing this agency is trying to build trust among the client.

Social media in the digital marketing has importance in a whole new level. Some agencies use content promotion to build clients, and others may use it for customer service.

While researching, if you find the agency is promoting a lot of content then it indicates that the agency is active online. This can also mean that they are trying to answer potential customers.

If you find the agency is answering the question in social media, then the agency is committed to customer service.

Agency’s Positive Attitude And Ambition

Ambitious agencies are more into finding new ways to promote their agency. This is a great description of the good digital marketing agency.

The ambitious agency will use the internal marketing team to invent new ways or refine the old ways to figure out what suits clients’ strategy. The agency with a positive attitude will always test new ideas to polish the new strategy.

If a digital marketing agency is ambitious, it will always tell you some insights about the new strategy and new process. Moreover, the agency will tell you how to get involved in a new strategy.

The agency will also never hesitate to try a new strategy and will always be involved in finding a new way to improve the performance.

Client Testimonials

Testimonials are positive reviews from the clients. Testimonials are differents from reviews because these are the honest gratitude of the clients.

Digital marketing agency could get the testimonials because they might have solved some issues of the clients. Thereby, a good agency will always have a lot of testimonials.

Agency’s testimonials reflect consistency, work-driven, and motivational staff. An agency with a lot of testimonials indicates that they have surely impressed a lot of clients.

Performance Consistency

The final quality that digital marketing agency should have is performance consistency. This is the simple factor that you need to evaluate on the agency.

Constance agencies will always perform the way they say, do brainstorm to generate new ideas, get the result, and earn revenue for the client.

Digital marketing will always have an impact on revenue, whether directly or indirectly. This is because the agency knows better than others.

This indicates that they deliver what they promise.

Final Thoughts

A work-oriented Digital Marketing Agency will always put clients above everything else. The digital marketing agency will have all those characteristics if they perform uniquely than others.