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A group of young and like-minded individuals working toward a common goal. As a modern media & publishing Company, Hansikar strives to inspire the aspired souls and set an unparallel legacy. Additionally, everything starts with a dream! The young, restless, hungry knowledge-seeking eyes need some kind of motivation to get their stones rolling. We won’t give you a hand with your stone, but what we do is show you what’s attainable.

Life at Hansikar

At Hansikar, we believe that knowledge is power. We believe in smart teamwork, opportunities, and growth. We Feel Like Home here. Additionally, We welcome you to Hansikar if you believe your goal-oriented flaws should catch sight. Working with a goal-oriented team will be a great add-on to your career.


Discover your own hidden artistic talent

Moments create life, and we create moments that we cherish.

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Discover Your Own Hidden Artistic Talent

At Hansikar, you realize you are more than what you think you are. Join us not just to become a coworker but a family.

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