Our journey started with the idea that anybody, everywhere in the world, should have easy access to accurate and useful information. To achieve that, we create content that helps people to make wiser decisions and conserve time in their daily lives.

Today, we are a team of more than 40+ In-house Employees and over 100 Freelancer Writers.

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About us

How did We start?

Founded in 2018, Hansikar initially started working in the digital marketing domain and served Nepal’s tourism sector by helping trekking companies acquire more customers.

In addition to digital marketing, we were working on Online Publishing, which succeeded well.

In March 2020, when Covid hit the economy, the Tourism sector was badly affected, and we lost many of our clients; it was when we realized Online Publishing was the way forward. 

As many people lost their jobs, it was the right moment for us to step in. We started our website brands and published vacancies for freelance writing jobs. This was a time to pivot. 

We got an overwhelming response, and with that, we were able to create a team of more than 50 freelance writers working on various websites in a short time.

Today, Hansikar has an in-house team of 40 young, energetic, and motivated people, along with over 100 freelance writers. We have become a prominent online publishing Company in Nepal, enabling hundreds of people to earn more in their leisure time.

Our Future

Where are we headed?

In the next five years, we see Hansikar as a well-established online publishing Company with a team of over 100 people, including industry experts and creative content creators. Also, we would be running multiple successful website brands in different niches. 

When the Company has rooted itself, we want to create awareness content to help Nepalese society, mainly regarding child education and safety.

We want to become a prominent content creator that helps its users with their daily life issues.

Along with some serious mission in mind, we do not miss having some fun once in a while.

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We are Hiring

Want to join us?

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