SEO Service in Nepal

SEO Service in Nepal

The evolution of SEO has influenced every aspect of online marketing all around the world. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of receiving organic and natural traffic from the search engine. Search Engine Optimization helps in ranking of the website on the top of Google search result, making the website more visible and accessible by the internet users.

SEO Service in Nepal is the growing trend of digital marketing in Nepal with already showing its impact on every online sector business. SEO Service is gaining its potential gradually in almost every business of Nepal who wants to grow digitally.

“No website can stand without a strong backbone. And that backbone is technical SEO.”- Neil Patel

Why SEO your Website?

You are lagging in your business if you are missing the service of SEO.

SEO Service in Nepal

That is what happens to those websites which are not in the list of the page of Google Search result; they are almost non-existent. No one is going to take a peek on the second page of the search result and further away. So you better use the service of SEO for the visibility of the website.

Even though you have dashing, attractive website design but if it lacks SEO, then it is as dead as the person above the image.

There are various importance of SEO on the website:

1. Ranks up your website on the first page of Google Search Result

This is the primary work of SEO on the website. SEO was invented for this purpose so that the website would be easily visible and accessed by the users. If every techniques and tool of SEO is applied correctly, then SEO helps in ranking the website, leaving your competitors behind.

2. SEO builds trust and reliability

SEO creates the trustable environment into the website. It shows the quality and brand of the website so that the visitor would reliably interact with the website. The techniques that SEO builds trust and reliability are Quality backlinks, Optimization of Onpage and Offpage contents, and many more.

3. SEO is a long term strategy at a relatively cheap cost

After applying SEO into the website, changes can be seen in less than three months, but the prevails with passing time with the SEO service. The use of SEO won’t fade away in a couple of months or so. It lasts many for years and shows its service to the website.

“You can’t just ‘SEO’ your website and be done. It’s a forever moving goal post.” — Stoney deGeyter

4. Free Organic Traffic

Organic traffic is the best medium of traffic that a website could get. Talking about free organic traffic, it is a huge bonus to any website, and it is provided if your website is properly serviced with SEO. Organic traffic plays a great role in the success of the business. It is the backbone of SEO industry that ranks the website more quickly and correctly.

5. Makes Website User Experience

As we know, SEO optimizes the contents of your website, making it more accessible to visitors. It helps you improve the web page contents, i.e., blogs and makes more user-friendly, which helps in holding the visitor for a longer period inside the website. Talking about Google, Google ranks up those websites where people show more interest and stays for a long time.

SEO Service in Nepal

SEO Strategy and Tools:

1. On-Page SEO

On-Page SEO means working inside the page (post, website, content). Everything you update or edit within a specific page lies under On-Page SEO. For example, a Meta tag, Keyword management, Meta description, Image optimize, and many more.

It is simple for SEO; a basic and initial phase of SEO. On-page SEO creates an impact on bringing more search engine traffic to the website.

2. Off-Page SEO

Those techniques used as SEO, except On-Page, are the creation of backlink, document submission, profile creation, blog commenting, etc., which are Off-Page SEO.

Off-Page SEO is a long term process that you apply to the website for frequent updates and involvement until the website is ranked on the top of Google search result.

Let us imagine you need a new smart phone, so you went shopping on a supermarket where you saw a whole line of smartphone shops. Obviously, what you have in mind is a high quality one within a reasonable price range. As you are new shopper of this market you have no idea of product background and the services by any of these shops. So, you make an inquiry with other shops nearby for the recommendation of best smart phone shop. After making an inquiring to couple of other shops, you will definitely go to the one with majority of recommendation.

3. Keyword Research

The keyword is the essential part in the world of SEO. It drives the website on the first page of Google search result whenever a person searches the specific keyword or related key phrase.

If your website doesn’t have a good or popular keyword installation, then no one will find your website until and unless every the whole title on your website is searched, which is out of the question.

4. Technical SEO

Technical SEO lies on a completely different angle of SEO. This method is used to keep the website healthy and running. Without the technical help to your website, you will be on the darkness where even the search engine can’t access your website.

This strategy of SEO maintains the architecture of website, i.e. using robot.txt, using Https, building sitemap, using breadcrumbs. Maintaining proper speed to your website is a huge bonus because nowadays people are getting more impatient, they wouldn’t want to spend a second in waiting to load the websites. Making a mobile-friendly website is a must in this generation where more people are connected to the internet through smartphones. Technical SEO involves these factors which work as the pillar of your website development.

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Growing SEO Service in Nepal

Comparing SEO service in Nepal in the present situation and about a decade ago, one can easily see a huge difference. SEO is dominating Digital Marketing, not only in Nepal but all around the world.

SEO is the main tool of service in every digital marketing agency in Nepal. A company without SEO is fading away and losing its visibility of sight from the market and probable growth. There is a desire of SEO Experts in every faculty for the business promotions.

SEO is not only used by IT or technological company but, its service has grown and spread to every online business. Youths of Nepal from the IT field are showing their interest in SEO as an ultimate life career. There are high job demand and opportunity for SEO Experts in the company of Nepal.

“SEO is no longer just a job title, it has become part of everyone’s job description” — Rand Fishkin

People have come to know the importance of SEO and the progress that SEO will bring on their business. So SEO Service in Nepal is growing at a rapid pace.

If you are running a business online, then you better seek an SEO Expert as soon as possible because your business will get lost just like many other websites. So, upgrade your business status going for the SEO service in Nepal; the sooner, the better.