7 SEO Checker To Test Your Website

7 SEO Checker To Test Your Website

SEO is all about working with small details. You will have to conduct thorough research on your keywords, links, content quality, and competitors before even thinking of implementing an effective SEO checker on your site.

Even the slightest error can create a huge impact on your rankings. That’s why making the best utilization of powerful SEO tools is a must to rank your site. Here is the list of free tools that you can use to optimize your site from an SEO point of view.

Ahrefs Free Backlink SEO Checker


Backlinks are super important to determine how well your webpages perform in search engine result pages. And to create a proper backlink profile, first of all, you will have to understand where your backlinks are coming from, which webpages are being most linked to, which is your best performing content, how your competitors are creating important backlinks, where will you find link building opportunities.

You will find out the answers to these important questions with the thorough analysis report of Ahrefs Free Backlink Checker. This amazing tool provides more than just a backlink report. It will give you deeper insight on the quality of your backlinks by showing exact anchor text used, URL of the particular webpage, Domain Ratings, URL Ratings of the site that is linking back to your site.

Woorank’s SEO Checker and Website Analysis Tool



Woorank’s SEO Checker and Website Analysis Tool is a perfect Chrome extension which provides an overall SEO score of your website and provides you with handy tips you can use to fix both on-page and off-page SEO issues. The tool is designed to improve your website and rankings with free of cost.

It crawls your whole site and analyzes its problems, recommends clear and easy-to-follow instructions to improve your site performance. Moreover, it will monitor your keyword rankings and keeps you updated with new issues, task progress, and ranking improvements.

Animalz Revive

Animalz Revive works best when you need to update and enhance older content on your site. There was a moment when you had to manually go through your Google Analytics account to find these pages, but now you can use Animalz Revive to check which of your content is outdated and needs your immediate attention.

It gives depth insights on the quality of your content and how your site is being affected by these contents. That way you can improve your content quality and make them more relevant and powerful to grasp your viewer’s attention.

Screaming Frog

Screaming Frog is one of the best SEO checker online tools which provides a super-fast audit report of your website. It provides all kinds of information related to duplicate content, broken links, bad redirections, errors to fix, and areas of improvement in no time.

Screaming Frog
Screaming Frog

It crawls your site’s URLs to analyze broken links, redirects chains and loops, page titles and meta descriptions, extracts data and effectively reviews robots and directives.

Screaming Frog allows you to run a quick audit to understand what is going on and fix all those small errors which lag your site’s performance. It is a powerful SEO tool that provides a thorough and accurate report on errors you need to fix to boost your site.


With CanIRank, you will get the exact answer to the question, Can I Rank on this Keyword? It doesn’t provide generic advice like other SEO tools. Instead, it tells you whether you can rank for that keyword or not. Moreover, it tells you what separates your site from existing rankers.

The best part of using CanIRank is it does not provide generic information like, ‘this keyword is highly competitive, or this keyword has low competition’. It provides accurate answers on which keywords will help you rank your site more effectively.


FATRANK is another powerful Chrome extension allowing you to analyze your site’s performance with the ranking of your keywords. You will be able to determine the exact ranking position of your every keyword per page with Fat Rank. It is accurate, easy to use, and absolutely free of cost.

SEO Checker Tool
Fat Rank

When you type certain keywords in the search bar, and if it is not ranked for the top 100 results, Fat Rank will simply tell you that you are not ranking for that keyword. This will help you opt for better and easy-to-rank keywords to make your site visible among your potential customers.

Responsive page design SEO checker

Usually, people create website on a desktop-sized device, but over 50% of people browse the internet through mobile or tablet devices. Since the mobile and tablet devices have smaller screen resolutions, you must ensure that your website is easy to view and navigate from all kinds of devices.

If your web page lacks text visibility or has tiny boxes/frames which require lots of pinching and zooming, it can easily turn off your visitors. To avoid having such problems, you can use this awesome tool.

You will be able to check how your site looks on different kinds of devices. It includes smartphones, tablet, and desktop devices using Responsive Design Checker. You can simply type in the URL of your website and clicking ‘test my site’ button. This way you can upgrade your site making it more responsive and attractive and capture the attention of your potential customers.


Finally, if you have just started a business and working on a tight budget, you will surely have difficulties hiring a genuine SEO company to upgrade your site. And in a situation like this, you can utilize these powerful tools which provide many free features or trials for you to refine your site.

However depending on these SEO checker tools only will not bring you the desired results, you must put your 100% efforts on producing SEO optimized content, amend your errors, follow the tips and suggestions provided by these SEO checker tools to skyrocket your growth.