How to Optimize the Content for Featured Snippets?

How to Optimize the Content for Featured Snippets?

Getting the 1st position in Google’s search result page is absolutely a victory over all other content. But what if someone else’s content is displayed over your 1st spot content? Of course, that is possible and obviously that content is getting more traffic than yours. And that content is displayed at the top-most on the search result page as a featured snippets by Google.

You want your content to display as the featured snippets? This article will guide you to optimize your content for the featured snippets.

What are featured snippets?

Featured snippets are the answers that Google selects for the search queries and displays at the top of organic results. It extracts page title, image, and URL from the website. If Google chooses your content to be shown as the snippets, you’ll get maximum views for the specific keywords.

Featured Snippet in Google
Featured Snippet in Google

Additionally, it is an organic search feature that has a significant impact on search traffic. If your content is able to show up in featured snippets, you will automatically get very good attention.

In featured snippets, Google can answer the question on the list, bullet points, paragraph, and in many other ways depending upon the search queries. Not every content has a chance for the featured snippets. You are highly qualified to race for featured snippets only if your content is ranked in the top 10 search result page.

With the help of featured snippets search has been easier as users are getting immediate and accurate answers. Google algorithm picks the best answer for the keywords that have been searched and presents as the snippets for an easy answer.

How to optimize the content for featured snippets?

As Google chooses the content for snippets and they don’t expose how do they do that but there are few best practices that you can consider to place your content above the 1st position.

Long-tail keywords

Start targeting long-tail keywords. Featured snippets aim to answer exactly to the search query, which is why using long-tail keywords increases your probability to get the highest position in the search result page. So start creating content that answers to queries like what, why, when, and how.

Long Tail Keywords
Long Tail Keywords

When you use long-tail keywords, you’re comforting the readers to understand what the content is talking about. Also, you’re letting Google know that you have an exact answer for what people are searching for. And it’s likely that Google will select your content to be shown in featured snippets.

Give a proper answer

As Google wants to give easy answers to every search, it’s crucial to present a clear answer in your content. Put the question in heading 2 (H2) and the answer in a paragraph.  Doing this you’re clearly telling Google that your content has everything the searcher is looking for.

When you’re done answering the core topic of your content, you can use supporting elements to give additional information. Find keywords and try incorporating them into a reader-friendly manner.  It’s important that Google and readers both understand your content, thus put keywords on the content where it makes sense.

The clear format is important

Clear formatting of every element in your content is important to win a spot in featured snippets. If your content has a list, write your title in H2 and list in H3. Whether you have noticed or not, featured snippets display title (H2) in bold font and lists (H3) in points.

If your content has data, combine the data in one table. Content with a table has a high chance to be displayed in featured snippets when there is a related search.  If you have a paragraph, try answering the main question in the first 100 words.

Apply on-page SEO

It’s a known fact that on-page SEO is necessary for Google to find your website. As Google pulls the information from the page which has a good rank on the result page, thus SEO has an important task to accomplish.

On Page SEO
On Page SEO

Implement keyword optimization and utilize SEO best practices to improve the ranking of the page in SERP.

Use high-quality image

Using an image in the content is a good practice to make the content understandable. If you have an image in the content make sure that you have a high-quality image as image quality does matter for Google.

You might have noticed featured snippets shows image along with the text in the content box.  When Google is deciding which content to be displayed in the top content box, so the quality of the image in your content becomes important.  Therefore, aim for a high-quality image that resonates with the core topic or the sub-topic on your content.

Steps to optimize the content for featured snippets

After you have a clear concept on what are the factors necessary to optimize for featured snippets, here are the steps that you can follow:

Identify content to optimize

As the snippets work better for those content that has top 10 ranks, but it works best for the content that ranks in first to the fifth position. Identify that content that ranks on top 5 positions and determine which keywords it ranks for.

It might sound overwhelming, but it’s worth doing it. You’ll know which content you have to work so that your content can acquire the highest position in Google.

Do research

What you need to do next is, you need to identify whether the featured snippet appears for that keywords. So, in this step, you are narrowing the number of content you need to work on.

Feature Snippets

In this step, you’re actually searching the keyword in Google to see whether there is a snippet for those particular keywords. You’re determining the potential content that can have a high possibility to show-up in featured snippets.

Improve the content

While you optimize your content for snippets, you can also improve the overall content. If you want to add or remove some of the elements in your content, you may consider doing it. Try finding ways that can enhance the readers’ experience as well.

Optimize the content

Now all you need to do is optimize the content for featured snippets. If possible, use all the points under “how to optimize the content for featured snippets?” for better results.

Why featured snippets are important?

As featured snippets is not the number one spot in Google, therefore there is a chance for the other content to appear above the first spot. Moreover, it has enough elements to attract people which can bring excellent numbers of viewers to your website through that content.

It incorporates everything that the people are searching for.  As Google is getting better at giving answers, therefore they came up with featured snippets to present exactly what your audiences are looking for.  Audiences are very likely to get attracted to that content which gives exact answers to their entire question in one glance.

Final thought

It takes a lot of research and strategies to get your content in featured snippets. But if you consider using the guidelines in this article, it’ll surely help you.