Sales Oriented Web Design In Nepal

Web Design in Nepal

Websites about a decade ago were developed for straightforward data sharing and learning purposes. And now, in this new age of data innovation, the website’s purpose is transported to computerized digital promotion and sales-oriented values.

Website as a digital marketing tool has been a key source for every successful business, and web design in Nepal has surged in recent years.

Web Design
Web Design(Source: Flickr)

A sales-oriented website is the best way of online marketing to promote your business products and services, improving your business sales.

The website has turned into the spine for each fruitful business activity of this generation. Website is a pivotal part of a business that serves as a source of a digital marketing tool to converge maximum traffic and ultimately transform into customers.


Create a Website and Grow Your Business

In the present scenario, Web design in Nepal has become the foundation of every business. Making a well-planned website helps in the advancement of your business with no labor, in the meantime making your business more accessible to customers.

Web design
Web design(Source: PicPedia)

Website is an endless wellspring of the promoting procedure through the advanced source. You can increase almost 70% of marketing sources through websites. Now that the digital world is so prevalent worldwide, people believe every piece of information can be accessed online.

Web design in Nepal has become the fastest source of information transfer to customers, so you might want to invest in the most effective way of digital marketing.

Why Websites for Online Marketing?

Do You Know?? Almost 3.5 billion people search for information daily through the internet. So, you have a high shot of advertising digitally instead of through other means.

In the case of Nepal, According to Nepal Telecommunications Authority’s Management Information System (MIS), a total of 16.67 million of almost 63 percent of Nepal’s population were connected to the internet on October 2017, where around 40 percent of accounts were for commercial purposes.

Likewise, as reported by Domestic social media marketing agencies, there are 9.8 million active Facebook and Instagram users.

Watching the advanced advertising situation of web design in Nepal, Facebook and Instagram have been developing as a successful stage for online marketing. People are getting much closer to websites through the use of social media.

How to Make Your Website Sales Oriented?

To sell any product to anyone, there has to be a good connection between seller and buyer, and a website has become a perfect way of that connection. Websites have opened a whole new portal for connecting buyers and sellers worldwide.

To create multiple contacts with the visitors, the following points are to be noted:

1. CTA (Call to Action)

Optimization Tips
Optimization Tips(source: Deanlong.io)

Invitation to action is a promoting procedure where the guest could become a customer. Visitors nowadays search for the call to action buttons where they can immediately contact owners rather than find alternatives.

Skipping CTA on your site may be a major slip-up and disadvantage to your business. CTA creates a better user experience by providing the easiest way for guests to reach the next step. That is why you might not want to skip CTA while creating a website.

2. Subscription Box

Subscription Box
Subscription Box(Source: Wikimedia Commons)

“The Paradox of Choice: Why More is Less”– by Barry Schwartz expresses that the more decisions customers have, the harder it is for them to choose, and this way, the more outlandish they are to purchase.

The subscription box has become the topmost effective sales-oriented tool for websites or any other source. You get immediate information on your device screen whenever the website makes any new updates. You won’t miss any latest posts after you subscribe to the website.

3. Heat Map Installation

The heat map is a modern technique to track visitors’ possible behavior. It helps the website owner know the website’s good and bad parts. It gives you an idea of how to edit or change your website’s content.

“Hotjar is the best example of a heat map utilized to create 1,199,144 heatmaps for more than 230 thousand organizations inside a solitary year.” The heat map tool shows you the most popular part where your visitor clicks most often on your website. It draws the attention of the website owner to the needful information.

4. Social Media Contact

The study found that nearly 20% of online sales are done through social media. Social media such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are the most effective source of visitors to your website.

Social Media Contact
Social Media Contact(source:PxHere)

Social media is the best means for promoting your website worldwide at a low cost, where millions of users are waiting for your website.

5. Screen Recorder

The screen record tool is a strategy for analyzing the behavior of visitors. It stores the behavior visually with alternatives of successive replay. You can notice and trace the activities of a visitor on every page. Detailed examination of the user’s behavior helps the website owner to distinguish between the weak and solid pieces of your website.

You can see a full record of all your user’s actions on your website, and you can look as much as you want because all the data is anonymous.

Yandex Metrika, a screen recorder tool, will help you detect flaws and get instant insights on improving your site’s design and increasing its effectiveness. Yandex. Metrica is one of the world’s best three leading web analytics solutions you want to include in your website.

6. Blog

A qualitative blog could be the ideal method to fetch clients. Blogging your website and promoting your blog drive traffic from social media and search engines. The blog is long-lasting content that gathers visitors continuously for a long time.

The blog provides a voice to publicize your product. Frequent blogging makes your website more active and updated. Visitors impressed by the blog are most likely to prefer those companies.

7. Facebook Pixel

Facebook pixel is a short code that generally tracks conversions, optimizes ads and creates retargeting ads.

A conversion is a completed action that you want someone to take on your website, so that it could be someone making a purchase, someone subscribing to your email list, or even a lead or inquiry.

Facebook will automatically improve your ads to show them to more people likely to convert or create a conversion. Facebook pixel guarantees your promotions are seen by individuals well on the way to making your ideal move.

8. Use of Pop-up Ads

Pop-Up ads are the ideal way of grabbing attention immediately to the most significant part of the information on the website. This helps increase the conversion rate, where users will experience a call to action.

A pop-up is a valuable instrument for getting instant feedback from users about how they feel about your website. You can likewise include link connections interfacing with your important pages, which you need your guests to see instantly.

9. Place Original Images

The original image on your website provides a positive effect on the views of guests. If you currently use stock photos, I suggest replacing them with your original images. Not every business can afford their professional photo, but a website with original images is more appreciated.

It was discovered that having user-created photographs expands the conversion rate by at least two times more than the association of stock images. The confidence level of visitors increases when they find original images of your concern.

10. The FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Since communicating takes longer, FAQ makes it easier for visitors if they have questions about the Company or relative authority.

Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions(Source:Flickr)

Qualities of a Good Website

“Website promotes you 24/7: No team member will do that”, said so accurately by the beloved author Paul Cookson. You obviously can’t put a risk on such a prominent part of business, can you?

Not only should your website look appealing, but it also must not fail to provide a seamless user experience for visitors. Every business’s goal is a perfect website; the following are definite endeavors.

1. Mobile Compatibility

The Internet is accessed more using cell phones rather than laptops and PCs. So, the first wise thing is to check how your website appears on mobile.

Your website must be mobile-friendly for better traffic sources; otherwise, you will surely lose tons of visitors that will come through mobile devices.

2. Good Navigation

Good navigation assumes an essential job for keeping guests seeing a greater amount of your content. Guests might bounce out immediately from your website if navigation is indistinct and awful.

As they say, the first impression is the last; good navigation catches the immediate impression of visitors and reduces the bond rate. It is essential for you to hold your visitor’s attention, which can be done by providing interesting information and link in your navigation bar.

3. Well-designed

Well-designed websites get visitors’ attention, and they immediately distinguish yours from the rest. Well, visitors put more regard on a well-designed website than a poorly designed one.

You should not put too many elements on one page; give the required information simply. Visitors are bound to invest more time when the information is laid out clearly. The overdoing website can confuse visitors.

4. Quality Contents

Quality contents are a significant viewpoint for a good website. Contents shall be as smooth and straightforward, providing exact and adequate information. Quality contents represent the content mixture of text, images, audio, and videos.

People are more interested in attractive graphical content than the only-texted information form. Website content should be of the latest quality with timely updates.

5. Security

Websites with legitimate security administration get more use than unbound sites, as unsecured sites aren’t trusted. When visitors notice a “Not secure” sign, they have a valid reason for skipping out of the site quickly without seeing any substance.

Generally, when a visitor visits your website with the intention of making an online purchase, they would want a secure and trustworthy website.

How to choose web design companies in Nepal?

Picking a Company for developing a website can be a confusing task. As the intention represents your business, you certainly don’t want it to go wrong, do you?

So, always keep these factors in mind for knowing how to choose companies for web design in Nepal.

1. Check out the company’s background

2. Check the experience work of web designer

3. Consult with the former clients

4. Learn the sales capacity of the company

5. Know if you can trust the company

6. Compare costs with other companies

Four things to ensure your website is well Optimized

Catching up with the latest technological change is critical to running a website for a long time. You should update the most recent change to keep up the pace.

1. SSL (Secure Sockets Layer)

In July 2018, Google announced those websites without an SSL certificate are considered “not secured.” Visitors feel unsafe interacting with those unsecured websites, resulting in traffic loss.

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer)
Secure Sockets Layer(Source:Flickr)

SSL is a standard security tool for securing your website from outer harm or hacking. Hacking may be a most concerning issue in online business. SSL is an extraordinary tool for keeping your site far away from hackers and gaining visitors’ trust, which is a bonus for your business.

2. Speed

Page speed has been a ranking factor for websites since 2009. It has become a big issue for slow websites as people get more impatient with loading. Websites that take forever to load will most likely lose all their visitors.

The speed of a website determines the organic ranking and Google ads quality score. Individuals are increasingly intrigued by quick-reacting sites.

3. Robot.txt

You might have a serious problem if you don’t know about Robot.txt. The robot.txt file instructs the programs not to look through pages that intend to hide from visitors.

It is a comparable strategy for verifying your site from outside hacking. You can block or hinder a page you do not want others to visit or interfere with, as your website can easily get hacked and misused by the wrong person.

4. Google Analytics

If you have a website, you might also want to have Google Analytics on your device. Google Analytics provides every piece of information on your website where you can check the latest news regarding the progress or regress of the website.

google analytics
google analytics(Source: Wikimedia Commons)

You can even check the bounce rate, most popular page, most referral websites, or most linked content to be completely mindful of the website’s status. You can also find your website’s traffic source and focus on those areas as required.

The future of web design in Nepal is brighter than ever before

Website indeed took a long journey in its involvement. And now, it has turned into the heart of the web. Only 9% of Nepal’s population used the internet in 2011, but after the rapid growth of internet services, it is now 78% in 2019.

The website has become a fundamental need of every business that wants to grow globally. It is the most prevalent source of information on the web. We know the world has become the slave of technology and advancement, where online business is taking more stand than offline businesses.

Likewise, web design in Nepal is also becoming a prominent part of the business. And we can see how web design in Nepal is showing its impact. No wise business could risk skipping the part of web design for their fruitful path ahead.

Now that Web design in Nepal is heading towards the digital world, web design will be the leading part of that world.

If you want your business to grow and stay on the track of success, then you better have a website, ahead of your competitors.

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