Social Media To Develop & Grow Your Brand in 2020

Social Media To Develop & Grow Your Brand in 2020

How You Can Use Social Media To Develop & Grow Your Brand? Marketing can simply be defined as the process of communicating and putting forward the products or offerings to the clients. In this age, Marketing is possible in so many ways comparing to older days. Among many other marketing strategies that one can use, social media marketing has been one of the most effective and fast-growing marketing strategies.

Social media marketing aids in increasing the brand’s visibility and communication towards potential customers. Social networks are among the fastest growing networks in the world. And, with an expected 25% annual growth in the next 5 years, it is high time to start investing in social media if you haven’t.

Digital marketing, SEO and social media marketing in Nepal are relatively newer trends. However, people already have got the idea that through social media marketing, brand awareness would be raised. And also there will be a massive boost in sales.  Social media provides an enormous platform with the potential to compete on a global scale.

Here are some ways one can implement for Social Media To Develop & Grow Your Brand strategies to multiply their results:

1.Developing the brand’s image:

Your brand’s personality should be reflecting in the way you post and interact on the social media platforms. A company’s posts are the direct reflection on its profile and the company’s personality.

The way that one interacts with the customers is also very important. Likewise, using certain references or lingo popular among your targeted audience. Also, honesty, friendliness, helpful and being funny at the same time are some of the major qualities one should possess in their social media if they are to succeed.

2. Choosing the right networks:

With hundreds of social media platforms to choose from and with new ones popping up every day, it’s tempting to join them all. But one should only choose those networks which will be of maximum benefit to the organization. While implementing social media marketing, those networks should be chosen that fit the brand’s image and goals.

For example, if one has a steel manufacturing company, then they should opt for LinkedIn( B2B network that attracts business owners) instead of Tumblr(a platform focused on teens and youths).

Social Media in Nepal

3. Post on a regular basis:

Honestly, irregular posting simply might kill social media marketing efforts. If you don’t post on a regular basis, you might be left behind and even forgotten. Rapidly growing social network activities and engagement have made posting and publishing more important than ever before.

We also need to focus on the timing of our posts to improve the engagement rate from the audiences. Engagement rate is high when most people are online and engaging and scrolling through their feeds. In the case of Nepal, the best posting hours are:

  • 11 am – 12 pm
  • 2 – 3 pm
  • 7 – 9 pm
4. Focus on visual branding:

As we’ve all heard, a picture is worth a thousand words. Visuals play a critical part in social media marketing. Hence the posts should be made as attractive and engaging as possible.

Choosing a color palette, using the same images in all platforms and using templates will help in making the posts more consistent and attractive.

5. Decide on the type of content to share across various social media platforms:

If you publish the same content across all the social media platforms, you might come across as lazy among the viewers. Also, every social media has its own native functionalities so we should post accordingly.

For example, followers of your accounts like Instagram like to see beautiful, attractive and eye-catching pictures. While, Twitter users expect a brief message from the publishers.

6. Maintaining technical aspects:

Publishers and businesses should know how to build and execute the social media marketing plan. Defining the target audience with respect to the posts, assigning tools and social marketing team will help you a lot to grow as a business.

7. Following and maintaining a content calendar:

If businesses want good results from their social media marketing strategy and build a long-term relationship with the followers. Then they should post regularly. Else, they will get lost in the social media noise.

A content calendar should be created and make frequent postings. If this strategy is implemented, not only that you’ll be able to post on time but also have an overview of what kind of messages to send out.

Calendar for posting on Social Media

8. Being consistent with the topics:

Content helps one a lot to build authority and also provide a steady flow of social media posts that aren’t all just self-promotional. One should make a strategy or follow guidelines to find blogs, videos, pictures and other content to share with the audiences.

Choosing topics that are closely related to your industry is important so your social media timeline is a mix of at least five or six different but still related topics.

9. Promote your profiles:

Building initial pull or following is a very big challenge. One should not make a mistake about assuming that everyone knows about your social media channels. Not, only among your followers but also within your own organization.

Businesses should know that promoting social media profiles promotes the company as a whole and not just social media accounts. Hence, one should endorse and advertise their social media profiles whenever and wherever possible. Even sending message to the entire team to share the social media accounts can be done to get the word out.

10. Connect and promote through influences:

New brands and businesses might get frustrated that their content might not get that much attention as compared to established ones. Building relations with influences helps to get fast results and amplify social media branding. This method especially helps startups to ride off the audience that look upon people/businesses have already built.

However, just having influences is not enough. Both influences and the brands themselves should have features like being active, engaging, giving expertise and leadership qualities.

11. Utilizing the bio/profile properly:

Many brands make a common mistake of letting their profile section go to waste. Letting audiences know about who you are and what your organization does plays a main role in building your brand.

Filling the profile section with random quotes or hashtags will not be of much help. This section should be treated like an elevator pitch for your business. If a short sweet and catchy description is given about the business then the people who see it will have a good initial impression.

12. Engage & Interact:

If the only time you post is to share business-related contents, you will be difficult to get desired results. Else, the brand will be unknown and won’t get attention. To build brand awareness engagement form multiple ways should be done.

Interaction is also a very crucial part of social media marketing. Simple things like replying and commenting will help a lot in presenting your brand in a positive way among the audience. Even replying to other companies and competitors can be done to gain attention and present yourself in a fun way.

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