25 killer social media post ideas for Real Estate Business

25 killer social media post ideas for Real Estate Business

Billions of people use Social Media. Social media are great for engaging with people. Several business companies use Social media to provide information regarding the latest offers about their business and engage their followers. If you are feeling to make social media page for real estate, you are going on the right path.

Your competitors are already present on the social media pages. They care about their clients, so you should too. Without getting late head over to create a Facebook page. Not only Facebook, but you should also create the LinkedIn page, Instagram page, and Twitter page.

According to the research, the top picks of Realtor are Instagram (39%), LinkedIn(59%), and Facebook(97%). A Realtor can have an Instagram page, LinkedIn to share posts about success and daily activities.

You might be wondering what benefits could you get from social media sites. So, here are some of the benefits you might not notice before:

  • Media posts make aware public of your brand
  • Grab potential clients to your business
  • Not only new clients, if you care about the old clients you are good to go with the referrals from them
  • It’s a platform to build a brand and make space on people’s mind about your brand so if they need any help about real estate they will remember your business
  • Social Media platforms are a great way to do network business
  • Social Media posts can be used for promotions such as Facebook marketing
  • Lead Generation with higher ROI

What has Real Estate business to do with social media?

We have many options on social media to grow the real estate business. Promotion with social media is also a great way to generate leads. But without brand awareness, no-one (or very few people) is going to believe in doing business with you.

Everyone knows Social Media Marketing (SMM) for the real estate business is an excellent tool for enhancing business. But you might not be aware of it. Perfect timing is needed for SMM to generate the leads and benefits for your business with higher ROI.

Have you ever noticed why more prominent companies get more leads than yours? It’s because they have worked for brand awareness. Brand name plays a vital role in winning the trust of the clients. So, you should too.

For brand awareness, one of the free and best ways is to use social media to provide information about your business. The primary focus should be engaging the followers with your media posts. And at the perfect time, if you run ads on social media, People would be happy to do business with you.

But how can you win the trust of your clients with a simple social media post? Confused? Here are some of the killer social media posts Ideas for Real Estate businesses to publish on social media platforms.

Social Media Posts Ideas for Real Estate Business

Yeah, media posts are free service you can get on any social media platform. It’s of great advantage if you use it correctly. The primary focus is brand awareness and engaging followers with the posts. Some of the social media posts you should focus on are discussed below:

1. Helpful News

Local News about real estate is useful for buyers. If they are unknown about the updating rules, taxation, etc. they would be interesting to know in detail.

You can publish real estate news about buying and selling procedures, loans, taxation, etc. with the link to the original article. If they are interested, they will go through the post. This type of post makes your client aware of the buying and selling process.

News posts help your client and build trust for your business because it will clear their doubt that you are running the business according to the latest rules and regulations, following the taxation system of the nation.

Real Estate News
Example of Real Estate News


2. New Listings

What’s your new listing? Let your followers grasp about it. You don’t know who will be the next buyer. So it’s better to share the post of your new listings of homes, lands, etc.

Be specific to the new listings. Provide the quality image of the new listing with details about it. The interior and exterior design of a house grab the attention of the visitors.

The fundamental details such as total land, open space, number of rooms and bathrooms, etc. are necessary for the house. Don’t forget to link the post with your website where you have information in detail.

Real Estate new listing homes


3. Contests or Giveaways

People love free stuff. Contests are a great way of increasing followers. These posts also increase engagement on the page.

Provide a specific set of guidelines about the contest and post the picture of the prize as well. It will grab the attention of the followers and interested people to participate in the contest. Also, don’t forget to publish the photo of the winner. It helps to increase trust in your business.

Regular intervals of giveaways force the visitors to visit your page more often. The more engagement you have on your page, the more visibility of the page on social media.

4. Polls and Quizzes to understand your followers

Many millionaires companies use polls and quizzes to understand the requirements of their followers. These posts help your audience to share their opinion. It’s market research as well.

You will get a chance to improve your business and to fulfill your clients’ desires. Moreover, it increases engagements on the page.

5. Video Series

People understand much better with the video’s contents. You can be more familiar with your clients with the videos. Videos posts bound your client to react upon it.

Make sure, you are not making a video very long. Longer videos indeed provide more information, but people don’t bother themselves to watch the full video because they think it’s a waste of time.

Instead, you can embed short videos and provide a link to the full video. If People are interested, then they, of course, go through the video. Always make a video by analyzing the client’s intent.

Video post by real estate


6. Home of the Week

Let your Audience know about the home of the week. You can publish one featured home on your social media page.

Describe in detail about the home and highlight its features. It let your followers do business with you next time.

Who knows? Your followers might be looking for a similar home.

7. Testimonials from Client

You can’t show off your business. But your client can do it. So ask your client to describe your business. Let them show how your company helped them and how was the personal bits of help.

Include those testimonials as a social media post. Be sure to include just one or two lines of the testimonial. You can link the post with your website for full testimonial. A testimonial builds trust with potential clients and hence, gives strength to your brand.

While publishing, it’s better to put a photo, include the city and client’s name, and tag the client so that their friend too can know about it.

Testimonials as a social media post
Example of Testimonial as a social media post


8. Post home prices

Do you know price is the key point that gets the first impression on the post? According to the research, people noticed numbers in the post. Also, the Odd number gets higher attention than that of even number. When a number is tagged with a dollar sign, People like to dig details about the product.

If you publish the post regarding the price of the home, it grabs the attention of the followers. It’s an ad copy practice. This technique increases CTR (Click through rate) and hence the engagement. Next time when you publish the post about a new listing, make sure you are including price too because it increases engagement with the post. Who knows, maybe someone would be interested in buying the home at that price.

9. New Price, Price Reduced or discounts

People are interested in discounts and reduced costs. If anyone is interested in buying a home, these types of posts help your business to reach the new clients.

It is a copywriting practice for generating leads. It doesn’t matter how much is the discount price. If you publish the reduction price media posts, your business will get more inquiry calls.

Discount offers for new homes
Example of price reduction media post


10. Just Sold Posts

If the business has some successful leads, it builds trust among the followers. Without any success stories, people don’t believe the business and neither want to go with those companies.

So, it became compulsory to show your success stories. It’s a common practice used by every real estate business company.

If you have some story about how you were successful in selling the home within a limited time, it would be great for grabbing the attention of your followers. Those followers will remember your business whenever they have urgent buying and selling homes.

11. Anniversary Posts

Want a good connection with your clients? Anniversary posts can help you. Yes, Anniversary. If you publish anniversary posts for your clients, they would appreciate it. Moreover, if you tag your client, your business would be visible for more audiences.

Your old client also becomes happy when they are featured on your business’s page. You are creating space in your client’s mind. This type of post helps your business to bring referrals. Your old clients will bring new clients.

Anniversary social media post
Anniversary post used by real estate business


12. Congratulation Posts

Won’t it be awesome if you congratulate your client on your social media page? Most clients will appreciate this type of post. But make sure you have permission to publish this type of post from your client.

With permission, if you tag your client on the post, you are growing your business network. Also, the client would be happy to be featured on the real estate business’s social media page.

13. Social Media post regarding Employee

Whenever you publish a post about your employees, you are inspiring them. Your audience loves it. The one who cares about their employees, they also care about their clients. This post would be proof.

You can publish the post about the promotion of any employees, Employees of the month, etc. Not only clients, but it also helps in maintaining a better relationship with your clients. The more you care about your employees, the more you are increasing your business.

You can tag your employees so that you can be visible to more audiences. This type of posts gets more share, and hence, you are making more networks.

14. White Paper

Your audience performs research before they contact you. They research through blogs, researching neighborhoods, etc. What if you can provide information to them?

Always be ready to help them by sharing white paper. White papers are not just for providing information, it also helps in increasing the sales and leads. It is the step that involves sales funnels. White papers are helpful in the B2B business.

Just publish the post about the white paper on specific real estate topics and link it with your website. Ask for an email from them to download the white paper. In this way, you can build an email list and make them aware if you have new listings through email.

15. Share Renovation and design tips

Sharing design and renovation tips help your followers to build trust. If you publish high-quality images of design having proper structure, colors, etc., then, if someone from your follower list liked it, they, of course, going to make an inquiry about your business.

It’s not only for getting clients, but it will also help you in brand awareness. When you are sharing tips for renovation, you are spreading professional knowledge among your audiences. If you care about your clients and followers, they will have the same reaction to your business.

Write an excellent blog post on your website and share those renovation and design tips on your social media page. Moreover, you can also suggest them using quality products available in the market.

Renovation and design tips
Example of designing tips


16. Sharing latest home security and technology

The technology is moving at a speedy pace. The Internet of Things (IoT) has changed the living style of people. Everything in the home can be controlled through the internet. Maybe you should inform your followers about it. They are going to like it and inquire about it.

Everyone needs security at home. People can have control over the home with a handy device smartphone. Why not share this extra information? People will be attracted to your business because your business is providing security facilities as well. You care about your clients.

17. Emotional Social Media posts

Emotional attachment is necessary with the clients, but how will you do it? The only way is through sensitive, social media posts. You don’t know how many of your clients are sports lovers, or movies fan, or politics followers. Whether it is congratulation posts or happy moments or grief posts, don’t be late for that.

Your followers will get intimate with your business page. Your followers would be happy to know that your interests match with theirs. It’s a kind of emotional attachment with your clients.

18. Sharing Blog posts

Blog posts are very important for any business. It provides information about the niche. Blog posts are frequently updating contents. People like to read the blog to understand the latest updates in the market.

Of course, you must have a website with a blog. If you are not updating regularly, then workout on the blogs too. Share the blog posts on social media platforms to solve the problem of your followers.

Moreover, blogs are also important for making your followers aware of the latest law updates in the nation. In the Real estate business, Loans play significant roles. So, you can provide a guide to your followers, suggesting various plans that involved in processing the loan.

19. Company Milestone

Company Milestone is the achievement of the company. You should publish the post regarding it. It is helpful in brand awareness and building trust in your company. The follower will support your business.

It’s better if you share awards as media posts. When you thank your followers, clients, etc. for being part of the business, they will appreciate it. Moreover, it will increase engagements on the social media page.

20. Company and Personal Posts

Personal posts are the gateway to getting intimate with the clients. Provide a glimpse of your activities. Show your personality through your posts. The personal posts can be travel, family gateway, personal thoughts, etc. People like to dig the personal life of a businessman.

For a company, you can publish the tour and travel posts, company activities such as birthday celebrations, social funds, etc.

21. Festival Posts

No-one knows who will be your next client, it can be from any race of people. You should respect every festival so that you can reach to all the people. It doesn’t matter which caste, religion, etc. do your clients follow.

To show you are respecting any race of people, you can publish festival posts. No matter what type of followers you have. It’s always appreciative.

Festival Post
Example of a festival post


22. Informative Posts

Informative Posts can be anything, either about your business or maybe buyers’ guide, recommendations, etc. It’s important for your followers so that they can be aware of the current market trend. Information can be a design tip, taxation information, latest news, etc. You can showcase what your company has achieved.

23. Infographics

From its title, it’s clear that the graphics that provide information are called infographics. Single infographics speak out 1000 words. Infographics can be anything such as procedures, stats, data, company milestones, etc.

Infographics media posts have a higher chance of getting more shares. Thus, you can increase followers. Also, when you provide accurate information about your real estate business as infographics (such as reports of the company), it makes your business trustworthy.

Infographics for real estate business
Example of infographics for real estate business


24. Weekend Media posts

Everyone loves the weekend. Not only the Weekend, but People also love holidays. Why don’t you suggest to them some new plan to make your followers’ weekend awesome. You can also publish the plan of your company what’s doing on the weekend. For a holiday, wishes posts can be a good idea to publish.

25. Fun Facts

For most people, Real Estate seems to be severe and complicated. Why don’t you make it more comfortable for them? Fun fact posts can be your helping hand.

People like to view fun facts. They want to share these types of posts if they prefer it. Generally, fun facts consist of data and statistics. But Fun facts can be motivational too. Fun facts are highly engaging posts.


If you get confused on what to publish on social media, you can refer to the above ideas. The more you publish the posts, the more audiences you will get. Social media posts are for engaging your viewers with your company. Media Posts help increase traffic to the website. Make sure you are publishing the listing posts with a proper landing page on the site. Call-to-action is essential for generating the sale.

Make sure you are regularly publishing posts on social media pages. The best time to publish a post is between 3 PM to 11 PM. At this time interval, Most of the people go through their social profile.