Increased Admission by 20% with Social Media Marketing in School

Increased Admission by 20% with Social Media Marketing in School

Are you facing the problem of not getting admissions to your school? Yes, it happens when you don’t have proper brand awareness. People are unknown about your school, so it’s obvious that you won’t get enough admissions to your school. The promotion of school through traditional means became an old technique.

If you are promoting school through ancient techniques such as newspaper ads, hoarding boards, etc. you are losing potential students because these ads seem business rather than an institute of providing quality education.

Schools are the place for providing quality education and produce talented students for a bright future of the country. We know your motto, and it’s the same as our thinking. But you won’t get enough admissions because people are not aware of your school brand.

SMM School
SMM for School

Here we have a fantastic article for you to show how we increased the admissions in school by 20%. We have used the Sales funnel technique in Social Media Marketing for increasing admissions to your school. We will be discussing how we used Social media platforms to raise brand awareness.

Since more than 50% of internet users in Nepal are active on social media platforms, Social Media Marketing has been an excellent tool for increasing admissions in school.

Let’s say if we advertise about the school on Facebook, at $1, we will have 2,500 reaches to our brand. It means that we are reaching to 2,500 people per day. In a month we are reaching to 75,000 people and in a year 900,000 people.

If only 5% will inquire about our school, and 1% would take action for making the admission, then you can imagine how much percent are we increasing admissions to our school? Isn’t that awesome?

Benefits of Social Media Marketing

The benefits of Social media Marketing are as follows:

  • Increasing Brand awareness
  • Increasing website traffic
  • Performance analysis
  • Control over budget
  • Control over Increasing and decreasing the number of ads
  • Targeting a specific audience of particular interest and location

Where did we start?

In the beginning, we developed a website for the school. We optimized it for speed and mobile-friendliness. Then we carried out SEO optimization on the site. After finishing the optimization of the website, we moved to social media platforms. We created a Facebook page for the school. We provided every contact detail on our Facebook page. Then the Facebook page is linked with the website.

After creating the Facebook page, we started to increase the engagements to it. For increasing engagement, we use to published three social media posts every week. After successfully growing the number of followers on the Facebook page, then we started to work for social media marketing. We utilized the Sales funnel idea to increase admissions.

How we used Sales funnel in Social Media Marketing?

The sales funnel technique is beneficial for any marketing materials. It has step by step process. It’s guaranteed that this technique helps to increase admissions. The process involved in Sales funnel are discussed below:

Sales Funnel for Social Media Marketing

Step 1: Brand Awareness

The first step for any marketing strategy is Brand Awareness. Brand Awareness is nothing, but it’s merely a procedure for getting some space in parents and potential students’ minds. It helps to build trust for the school’s brand. For brand Awareness, we boost our Facebook page to get likes and followers. The cost was $0.05 per page likes. We targeted the audience locally. Also, we worked on our website to get a follower. After grabbing some potential followers, we started to publish three posts every week.

You won’t believe that when we started publishing posts, we got enormous likes and followers on our Facebook page. We used to post informative social media posts, festival social media posts, fun facts, etc. Then, after a few intervals of time, we started publishing blog articles posts on Facebook for increasing traffic to the website. Then, we integrated Facebook pixel codes on the site. This helped us in the remarketing campaign.

Whenever people visited our website, they also saw our school ad posts on the Facebook page. This helped in brand awareness more effectively. We also noticed that some organic keywords for our school brand name were ranked on the search engine. In this way, we were successful in creating brand awareness for parents and our potential students.

Step 2: Interest

After creating brand awareness, We worked for increasing people’s interest in our school. For this, we started collecting emails of our potential students. Again, we used Facebook remarketing ads for gaining Facebook likes and followers and trigger them with our informative post.

After that, we started getting some messages to our Facebook pages, but that was not enough for increasing admission to our school. We were responding to their messages. Then, We decided to organize some events that would directly grab the physical presence of our school.

We started preparing for programs and events. Then, we were busy promoting banners on our Facebook page and our website. We sent a personal invitation to our followers and email subscribers.

Step 3: Decision Making

We were successful in inviting all our followers and email subscribers. Then the real task began. We had to win their trust. So we used testimonials and success stories for making them easy for decision making. We also ask them to visit the market to get ideas about the latest learning styles.

Decision Making
Decision Making

Since we were not faking out our potential students with fake ads, it was easy for us to provide a proper explanation for quality education in our school.

Step 4: Action using Social Media Marketing

Now it was time for admission announcement. So, we increased our budget for promoting our admission announcements on social media platforms. We asked our client to provide a scholarship to potential students. The school agreed with us, and we developed scholarship banners as well.

We used A/B testing on how to improve Facebook Ads. We used copywriting techniques and ad copy to grab the attention of our potential students and parents. Above all the methods, Scholarship posts got the highest view and clicks. As a result, we had a flood of messages on our inbox. Then we decided on a qualification examination to take admissions to our school.


Since we were working on this plan for a year, now it’s time to analyze the result. Our client got surprised by looking at the results. We were just normal because we already knew what could be the result of digital marketing. The result was impressive. It was beyond imagination. We had promised to increase by 20%, but when we realized the metrics, it was above it. It was nearly a 30% increment in admission.

This is the power of Social Media Marketing for school. If we used the SMM with step-wise, it would definitely be going to grow the leads. The investment was not too high. Moreover, we had control over the ads. We minimized the number of ads before any program announcements. But when the announcement was done, we increase the budget which flooded the ads on the Facebook news feed for our selected Audiences.