How Google My Business helps in local SEO?

Local means a particular region or area, and local search result means the result of local searches that essentially includes information about services, businesses, companies, etc.

Local SEO is effective when a business Company exists in the local area and serves its service to the people nearby.


Uncovering the local business to a local audience ensures the usage of your service or product in the local area by local people.

If the business appears in the search engine at a local place, people like to visit the Company nearby and buy the services. But how to get a ranking on the local search engine?

Local Business Owners might be facing the problem of the visibility of their business on the search engine.

Is the website necessary for local SEO?

Local SEO generally is for businesses, companies, and products in nearby areas. The search engine indexes the Company’s location and appears on the search engine when people search for it nearby.

Website is necessary for local SEO. If people find your business location, they don’t bother to go to a location and have an appointment to discuss the plan. Instead, they prefer to look at Company portfolios and services it offers.

Local Seo
Local Seo(Source:Seobility)

The website gives the online presence of your business. It provides details about the service, product, etc., which build up trust among people. If you are focusing your business at a local level, then local SEO optimization should be done for your website.

What is Google My Business?

Google My Business is a free service by Google. Yes, Free. This service lists your business in its directory. It’s a tool for managing the online visibility of your business across the Google search engine, including Map.

All the information about your Company, such as contact details, location, website, business working time, etc., is needed for listing your business in the Google Directory.

It also consists of reviews, photos, etc., which build trust for your Company. The more reviews on Google My Business, the more the ranking will be.

Benefits of Local SEO in Local Business

  • Trust building among the local people
  • More traffic, more customer service, more sales from a local area
  • The reputation of the Company
  • Visibility of business on Google Maps
  • More traffic to the Website

Ranking factors of Google My Business

The three major ranking factors used by Google My Business for listing your business on top of the search engine are as follows:

  1. Distance
  2. Relevance
  3. Prominence


Since Google My Business is built for local business searches, Google uses its map to recognize the shortest business location. Accordingly, it shows the result in the Search engine.


The relevancy of the business is the factor that determines how well the business fits the customer’s search intent. Vagueness is a blunder for the relevancy of any business, which will degrade the ranking.

The exactness and genuine information of the Company improve the ranking. Clarifying your business and focusing on the exact service plans and strategy improves the local business’s ranking.


Prominence is all about the activity performed on your business listing. The activity can be review writing, relevant content, images, etc.

The prominence keeps updating your business profile listing on the search engine. The more involvement in updating, the more improvement in the search ranking.

If the business listing has good ratings, it’s good for maintaining trust and brand awareness in the local area.

How to Optimize Google My Business Listing?

Optimization of Google My Business Listing improves the local SEO of your business. Here are some optimization techniques that should be followed to get ranked at the top of the search engine.

  • Claiming the listing with a genuine business name
  • The accurate category that fits the business best
  • Providing original information
  • Contact details such as phone number, website address
  • Fix opening time and closing time
  • Using Schema data for a website
  • Photos Review
  • Genuine Review by satisfied customers
  • Description Of The Company service in detail


Google My Business is a free service to help the Company present its internet visibility. Moreover, it provides detail about the location of the Company, opening and closing times, contact details, etc., which builds trust among the public.

If a website link is included in Google My Business, it can also grow the website’s traffic.

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