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One of the biggest frustration I hear about using social media as a digital marketing process for your business is that it takes too much time and effort.  But it is also the most powerful and cost-effective way to market your business.

So it makes sense that you have to put some effort in, but having said that, there are a few tricks to saving time and sanity by being really organized. Social Media Calendar is here for you.

What is Social Media Calendar?

A social media calendar is a pre-planned working calendar where every upcoming event is placed and managed.

There are a lot of companies that operate without a Social media calendar, but we genuinely recommend you to use a content calendar. This will help you stay on track with marketing at the right time.

Social Media Calendar
Social Media Calendar(Source:Flickr)

There must be a situation in everyone’s life where there emerges a conversation that includes:

  • What do we post on Facebook today?
  • Shall we post this on Instagram or Twitter?
  • Have we completed a post for YouTube?

Let us suppose, you own a Sweets shop and today’s a Mother’s Day. You are unknown about the Mother’s day until a customer says, “What is the plan for today’s Mother’s Day?” .Now, You are in a pretty tense situation, because you are lacking calendar on whats coming tomorrow.

This situation might never happen if you have a social media content calendar.

Why is this important?

All digital marketing efforts should be accounted for. We should measure everything that we do in digital marketing. So, they should be planned; they should be numbered; they should be aligned with your brand’s goal. It shouldn’t be about what you feel like posting that morning.

According to the Content Marketing Institute, 92 percent of content marketers use social media as a marketing tool. But through the report, it is seen that people have a tough time to organize their posts.

 A social media calendar can help you plan and manage what often becomes a very chaotic part of your business: social media posting.

If you decide to run your social media marketing through a calendar before posting, it helps you a lot because you only have to create that calendar once and then let that be your guiding light going forward.

How to create a social media content calendar

This is very important for your business because if you have a bunch of people on your team stepping on each other’s feet and posting things in erratic and weird ways.

If you don’t know when to post, why you’re posting, and how successful your posting is, then creating a social media content calendar and utilizing it is the most effective way to amplify your business goals through social media.

Social media calendars can be created through various online or offline platforms. Here are some of the best and most used platforms for social media calendars:

  • Google Sheets
  • Hootsuite
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Trello
  • Google Drive

Choose any of the following you are best at, and let’s get started.

1. Examine your social media

Before working on a social media calendar, it’s better to examine your company’s channels, including impostor accounts and key information.

This allows you to know whether your present strategy is getting beneficial or not. It also helps edit social media by removing unnecessary parts and adding new ones.

Follow these steps for Social Media Examine:

  • Identify the active audience on your networks.
  • Find out the growing platform.
  • Make sure where your traffics are coming from.

2. Identify goals

We use social media calendars with specific goals to achieve, like increasing the number of subscribers on your social media, selling your products, or branding your business. So, the first step is to rectify your goal.

3. Content Categories

The content category is important in deciding the content you will post on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. So, make a list of your content and identify the social media where you are willing to post on a certain date.

People appreciate different kinds of content than a regular post with a blend of video, quotes, a block of text, etc., for uniqueness and attractiveness.

4. Evergreen Content

Contents that last forever on your site, like blog posts, video tutorials, etc., are evergreen content. You can share those posts repeatedly to increase your subscription and views.        

If you have 30 blog posts and 20 YouTube videos, then you can share those posts one by one per day. This helps refresh those posts and videos.

5. Verify your calendar’s need

Make sure your calendar contains every necessary detail and function. It is better to add the maximum number of ideas and detail first, then select the most useful points that your team decides. The basic and primary needs for social media calendar are:

  • Dates
  • Links
  • Events
  • Product launch
  • Experiment
  • Webinar
  • Blog Post

6. Insert the contents

Contents on the calendar are not a person’s job; it’s teamwork where the maximum person has to satisfy the decision. There could be tons of questions about who is responsible for this.

So, initially, people have to take proper responsibility for the task inserted on the calendar. This process will help run a calendar properly, minimizing mistakes and obstacles.

7. Scheduling your contents

You don’t want to wait for a specific time to post the content. God knows what might occur in the last hour. So you better prepare and schedule your content at a specific time so you don’t have to wait and press “Publish” multiple times a day.

Scheduling posts your content automatically when the time arrives.

Benefits of Social Media Calendar in your business

Social media requires regular updates and engagement for the development process and to gain a positive result.

People are getting busier, and without planning (Social Media Calendar), things get messy at the time of action. So, to get in control of every posting and event, start a social media calendar, and here are some benefits to your business.

1. Never miss important dates

A content calendar must contain key dates that matter to your business, i.e., events, product launches, postings, campaigns, and more.

2. Organize content

Staying organized not only means you remember important dates, it also means that you know what you’re publishing, where, and when.

3. Collaborate easily

Whether you’re sharing information with stakeholders or updating your team, this calendar is the source of truth for what’s being published and when.

4. Save time

Planning content ahead, knowing when you’re sharing evergreen assets, pushing new content, and curating items from other creators will save you time in the long run.

5. Effectively allocate resources

Having a content calendar means you’re more likely to publish your content precisely when you intend to and at the quality level you expect.

6. Gain a deeper understanding of successful content

Careful planning of your social media content will also help you better understand what makes a good piece of content, enabling you to increase your success rate and create more of what your audience wants to see.

Social Media Calendar Templates You could find useful with


Social Media Calendar Templates
Social Media Calendar Templates(Source: Public Domain Pictures)

These are the sample Templates you can apply for your business. 


Why Social Media Calendar an important part of every business?

We have already discussed the importance of a social media calendar. You might have got an idea of how it works and helps in the betterment of the business status.

It helps your business to stay on the track in a proper flow. You won’t have to face the pressure on the final hour of action period because the postings are already scheduled. Punctuality is a very key term for every business; you need the trust of your audiences that can be gained if you are punctual at your daily activity.

Social media calendar helps you never miss any of your events, dates, and keeps your timing perfect during the action. It automatically uplifts your business. So, don’t get late in creating a social media calendar of your own.

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