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9 Ways Email Marketing can Boost SEO

Email marketing and SEO is the best digital marketing combination to boost visibility. However, Google doesn’t claw through individual emails, so having an excellent number of subscribers won’t make any difference in ranking. But you can turn email marketing in your favor to improve your visibility.

Email marketing and boost SEO
Boost SEO(Source-Stockvault)

When there are so many new digital marketing strategies in the market, email is still the trend. Marketers are actively performing email marketing as this is the best method to engage audiences and bring traffic to the website in a way that no other marketing platform allows.

Remember these things. Let’s discuss how email marketing can boost SEO.

9 ways email marketing can boost SEO

1. Reduce bounce rate

The search engine records the time visitors spend on your webpage and the visitors who immediately leave your site without reading any content. Your website’s bounce rate influence ranking in SERPs.

The lower the bounce rate, the better your search engine ranking. The bounce rate below 70% is reasonable, but if you want an excellent bounce rate, try to maintain it around 40% or below 40%.

Email marketing allows you to cut off a bounced rate by sharing content with highly-qualified visitors so that they can relate to your content.

When the traffic is directed to your website, the bounce rate ultimately decreases, encouraging the audience to engage. High engagement is a sign to Google, which tells that people enjoy the content and the content deserves a high position in SERPs.

2. Segment the email list

Bounce rate
Bounce rate(Source-Common Financial)

If you have observed your contacts, you’ll notice that every contact responds differently to your email. So you need to maintain a list of highly engaged contacts, as these are the people who open your email, read your content, and click the link to your website.

You can use email marketing tools such as Salesforce Pardot to measure audience engagement.

Sharing your content with highly engaged audiences doesn’t just drive traffic to your website, but they can also use your business offers. This means email marketing can bring money to your business.

If your business sells two or more products, then maintaining a list of highly engaged audiences is not enough. You also need to segment the audiences according to the product they prefer.

You should be sharing the relevant content with the segmented audiences only after then.

3. Create the target content

The collection of high-quality content is not sufficient for email marketing. You need to know which content is right for whom.

Among your contacts which group can get more benefits from the content? Knowing what your contacts want can improve the value and increase audiences’ trust in your brand.

Through email marketing, you can deliver the right content to the right audience, which means you’re giving your audience what they want. When you provide exactly what your audiences are looking for, then that will help you develop a strong bond with your audience.

How you can do that?

Use email polls and survey to ask your subscribers what they want and are interested in, then build content around their response.

If you already have a customer’s feedback, you can use that too.

4. Publish email marketing content on your website

SEO works on your website. If you want your email to enhance your SEO, you need to connect with them. The only way through which you can build a connection between SEO and email is through content.

So when you send blog posts through email, you must also ensure you’re posting them on your website. If your audiences like your content and want to reread it, they are most likely to search in search engines rather than email.

The more relevant content you create for email, the more you get a productive SEO result.

For instance,

Let’s say a fashion student got an email with a link to register for a fashion event from the fashion business. The student didn’t register right away. So what s/he can do is, go to Google, search the fashion event organized by the particular fashion business, and then register for the event from their website.

Email marketing can come at the wrong time, so publishing the content on the website allows people to engage later.

The same goes for the blog post. If your audience was occupied when they received your email, they can visit your site and read it on time.

5. Create a brand awareness

Email is the great touchpoint in which your audiences become aware of your business. You can promote new products or services, discuss events, and share your success with your audiences. It’s a great platform to share what’s happening in your business with those who care.

Think beyond just sharing content. Develop a strategy to share content like blogs, videos, infographics, and social media with the right audience.

Emailing exciting content to the audience will keep your brand on the top of their mind. But remember to share quality content, then email the numbers of content.

But ensure you don’t send emails in large quantities, or else you’ll be classified as a spammer.

Before producing high-quality content, you should talk with your team to make email marketing effective.

6. Newsletter content

Newsletter content
Newsletter content(Source-Public Domain)

If you’re sending well-formulated content, you’re definitely engaging your audiences. Find out which content generates more engagement, as these types of content can rank.

Google doesn’t take the newsletter as the ranking factor. But your newsletter content can help you identify your audiences’ interests.

Reuse and repurpose your newsletter as a blog post, video content, etc, so that Google can find what your audiences want.

Adding extra information, relevant links, and images can convert a long newsletter into a standard blog post. Adding value to your blog post allows content to be shared on Facebook and other social media platform.

If you have a short newsletter, combine the relevant newsletters and convert them into a blog post.

The point here is as Google can’t find the newsletters, you need to convert newsletters into suitable formats which search engines can find.

7. Encourage the audience to share on social media

Adding a social media share button in your email is a good method to increase traffic to your website. However, people will share content naturally when email marketing delivers high-quality content.

Additionally, you’ll increase your reach if your content gets shared on social media. Your business gets introduced to a new audience, which means you’re increasing your potential customers.

But can social media influence SEO ranking?

Social media is not a ranking factor, but it increases visibility which is why it can improve your SEO.

When potential customers come across your brand on social media platforms, they will search for you on Google. This increases your search volume and tells Google that people are searching for you. And eventually, your ranking can improve.

8. Use Call-To-Action (CAT)


A call-to-action (CAT) is an integrated part of an email that asks people to take specific actions directed to them. As you’re emailing the target customers, there is a high probability that they will take action as per the requirement.

You can attach an application form if you want your people to participate in events like webinars. Or, if you want people to buy the product, you can add the CAT button, which allows them to land on your website to take action.

Also, the CAT is ideal for encouraging people to comment and share online. Moreover, if you want to get your customers’ reviews, you can use the CAT button.

But your CAT button has to be appealing. An appealing CAT gets an excellent number of interactions.

9. Create a content hook

Email marketing is a great way to deliver content to people and a wonderful platform that encourages engagement. Creating a content hook allows your audience to connect with your regular content.

A content hook is about moving people’s attention from one content and diverting it to other related content on the website. The intention of doing this is to increase the engagement level in various content.

You can create a content hook but add a subscription button on the website so that they can receive weekly or daily updates about your business.

And you can also add a subscription button in the blog post too.

It’s just about finding a way to let people subscribe to you, and then that allows you to send emails to motivate them to stick to your content.

Final Thoughts

Email may not directly impact the ranking, but if you can smartly use email marketing, you can support SEO to rank. One clever email marketing tactic can direct traffic, leads, and sales in the business. Find out which email marketing methods can benefit your business and implement them accordingly.

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