Collaboration for Visit Nepal 2020: Making it work by working together

Collaboration for Visit Nepal 2020: Making it work by working together

Collaboration for visit Nepal 2020 

The strength of a nation derives from the integrity of the home.”-Said the great Chinese philosopher, Confucius. However, the quotes are just words, never enough to influence unless you can relate. Nepal, our beloved nation, our epitome of pride lacks no patriotic feelings from her dwellers. We are loyal and nation-lover and we just love to impale with a tag of Buddha was born in Nepal, and Everest lies in Nepal wherever it seems plausible. Well, it is our paradigm for an ideal citizen. And Visit Nepal 2020 is a prospect to upscale tourism capabilities and its contribution towards the economy of Nepal.

We love boasting about how remarkable Nepal is, what legendary warriors were our ancestors, how we live in peace despite such diversity and so on and on.  Now we are so near to the significant year of Visit Nepal 2020. We are still absorbed in our narcissistic ideas, nevertheless we all know, it is a national cause. Now that the countdown has begun, the question is “Can we rise above and beyond our personal interest to make this campaign a success?

Taunting our Government and leaders is what we Nepali are expert at, and they deserve it too but be it Visit Nepal 2020 or any campaign. They will never taste the triumph unless every sector takes the responsibility seriously, from an individual to the Government officials.

Visit Nepal 2020: Making it Work by Working Together

Visit Nepal 2020

Nepal is a mythical land, thanks to the ethereal Himalayas, fascinating natural beauty, verdant southern jungles, quaint countryside, and sacred Hindu and Buddhist pilgrim sites. There lies no flaw to avert from this land and still, the past shows we have failed to realize our targets. Why?

It is time for us to understand bigger the pie, bigger will be the piece. So far we are centered in promoting ourselves, our product and our business, which has ultimately constrained our limits. What if we promote not ‘what we sell,’ but ‘what sales us.’ Nepal, the country as a whole is our strength as well as our opportunity, not the campaign. It is time for us to differentiate our integration to ourselves and our nation. Because this sort of campaign comes and goes, but Nepal is for forever.

Even with a smile of a pedestrian, a tourist can feel home in a crowd of strangers. The promise of more exploration and adventure can drive tourist to you than the size of the package you are offering. All it takes is small things and a leap of faith in yourself to make yourself a better citizen and a person too. For this, the effort of one sector or one business house or one individual will be vain. It is possible when all of us join together and assume our part of the cause because if you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

Why Visit Nepal 2020 is ‘your’ responsibility too?

Sitting comfortably on the couch and cursing the governments for lack of vision to implement the campaign and failing again is a cliché. But, we are living in the 21st century, and we don’t live the cliché, we live to break the cliché, right?

After all, you are a Nepali; you can be the part of the campaign too. I know, there is no money in doing so, but it is the least you can do to help your nation. More to that there are some grounds which points us why Visit Nepal 2020 is our responsibility too.

Tea-house to the five-star hotel

Visit Nepal 2020

Since its initiation, tourism has been successful to leave the mark in the economy sector. It is the hot cake of the town, probably because it is the most relatable industry of all as no one wants a mundane life.  We want fun, adventure, exploration, new experience and above all a story to tell.

Tourism is already contributing over 10% to global GDP, and developing countries like Nepal has the most prominent impact. In Nepal, tourism is the largest industry with the largest source of foreign exchange and revenue. 

From a family of remote Himalaya with a tea house to the five-star hotel in the city, tourism leverages all the sector. Now, as I said above about pie and piece, more the visitors, more to the economy.  It’s true we won’t be a direct beneficiary, but it is bound to make an impact in long-term to all of us. So let’s not sit back saying tourism is already on top, we can always put our effort to achieve more.


Visit Nepal 2020: Beyond the Himalayas

Visit Nepal 2020

Reigned and marred by autocratic dictatorship for over a century. Nepal first opened its gates to foreigners only in the 1950s after the restoration of democracy. Quickly realizing the potential of Nepal in tourism, His Majesty’s Government declared the year 1998 as Visit Nepal ‘98 with a slogan.- “A sustainable habitat through sustainable tourism”. To make tourism work in harmony with the environment while promoting eco-friendly and value-based tourism. With some notable improvement especially in the aviation sector and extensive promotional and hospitality services. Nepal was successful to welcome a large influx of tourists.

Then for the second time in 2009, the Government of Republic Nepal announced 2011 as Nepal Tourism Year. However, the target of one million tourists was missed with only 736,215 visitors which in itself made a record at that time.

All these prior efforts succeed in bringing some recognition to our country. But, if truth to be told, only the mountains of Nepal have highlighted so far. They obviously are our glory. But we can’t let our identification remain forever behind the Himalayas. We can’t be more certain about how pride we are of our nation.

From sakela of Eastern region to deuda of Far-western; and from chhang in eastern Himalaya to aila in central Nepal; similarly, from sewaro of Limbu to jojolappa of Newar; and also from the beautiful attire of red sari to traditional guneu cholo and fariya; the cultural dimension of Nepal can literally awestruck anyone. Well, aren’t they are our identity too? Doesn’t they deserve the same recognition as the Everest?

Does it always have to be a disaster like an earthquake to unify us?

Visit Nepal 2020

Nepal, a peaceful country with people of different race and religion living together in perfect harmony and this campaign in itself is a call for togetherness to do something beyond personal reason. Making Visit Nepal 2020 our success, we need a joint effort from everyone.

In 2015, Nepal witnessed an unofficial undeclared blockade from India causing severe economic and humanitarian crisis throughout the country. It was a dark moment we faced when the nation has just stepped towards recovery from the devastating earthquake. But we must admit to the fact how unified the people were, to help and support each other; it was rare and remarkable.

We stood against such catastrophe which was totally uncalled for and didn’t let our pride compromise. Then why can’t we realize and have the same feeling for Visit Nepal 2020, after all, it is a campaign for our’s pride. Or does it always have to be a disaster to unify us?

Never better than ‘Now.’

Now, you might take a moment to sit back and think on ‘when and what should I do for Visit Nepal 2020?’ Regarding the question when it is never better than now to make an initiation. If you are an individual, at least keep your surrounding clean. If you are on a corporate level, you can enlighten colleagues and co-workers on Visit Nepal 2020. There are numerous possibilities and ideas to make an impact on this campaign, what you need is a sincere commitment to ourselves.



Visit Nepal 2020

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Article Credit: Jyoti Rai & Shishir Rai