Affiliate Marketing in Nepal

What is Affiliating Marketing?

I bet you have already heard about Affiliate marketing; else, you won’t stop by. Affiliate marketing is a growing online business for digital marketers. It is an easy and quick way of making money with the help of bigger organizations.

In simple terms, Affiliate marketing means gaining commission after successfully selling the product of affiliate organizations.

Affiliate marketing in Nepal is showing its impact with many success stories. Organizations like Daraz, Sasto Deal, Hamro Bazar, Sasto Book, etc., are in huge profits only because of Affiliate marketing techniques.

For clarity, let’s suppose you own a smartphone company where you need tons of marketers to sell your product online. Here, an organization with an e-commerce website is willing to sell your smartphone for you.

In this process, your smartphone is distributed, and the distributor gains a certain amount of commission.

Affiliate marketing is a relationship between three parties:

1. Advertiser

Advertisers are that Company or organizations which originate the products to sell in the market.

2. Publisher

Publishers are generally individuals or companies that promote and share particular advertisers’ products or services.

3. Consumer

Consumers consume (buy) the product from the publisher’s advertisements.

Is Affiliate Marketing Worth in Nepal?

You might answer No if today was five years before, but it’s a definite yes in real-time. Affiliate marketing is climbing the success ladder at a rapid speed. You will be shocked by the vast changing affiliate marketing in Nepal.

Also, you can see the tough competition in affiliate marketing in Nepal. If you have huge fan followers on your social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc., your affiliate marketing in Nepal is more likely to gain instant success.

affiliate marketing
affiliate marketing(Source: The Blue Diamond Gallery)

The most successful Affiliate Marketing in Nepal is as follows:

1. Daraz

Daraz is one of Nepal’s largest and most successful online shopping sites. This affiliate market in Nepal serves every kind of product at the best prices. A Chinese company originally founded Daraz. People can affiliate marketing through the help of Daraz and earn good money.

2. Hamrobazar

Hamrobazar is more likely to the local market where you can find a wide variety of new or used products online, and it also is the most used second-hand market in Nepal where you can sell or buy at a low price. People are earning good money by selling their products from the Hamrobazar website.

3. Sasto Deal

Sasto Deal is another big online shopping website. This website provides you with products at Sasto(Cheap) price. Many people are earning a high amount of revenue from the Sasto deal.

4. CPA Networks

CPA Networks is the best thing for Affiliate Marketing in Nepal. While you earn money through CPA (Cost Per Action) by publishing Ads. Some of the lists of CPA networks are:

  • CPA Grip
  • Click Bank
  • Max Bounty

Benefits of Affiliate Marketing

1. Low-cost business

Affiliate marketing is an affordable online job; you can start with less money. All you need is a laptop and an internet connection. Now you are ready for your affiliate marketing and earning perfect money.

A website and a large social media following are good combinations for better and quick results in affiliate marketing.

2. No certificate is required

Are you, not a college graduate? It’s ok; you are eligible for affiliate marketing. You can start your own business and run it without third-party help, except for your advertiser.

3. Individual effort

Affiliate marketing can easily run even if you don’t have to have a partner to run affiliate marketing. Rather, you will be capable of yourself individually. You only require the help of the product advertiser with whom you request the products for selling purposes.

4. More traffic

Likewise, if you are will gather a large amount of traffic to purchase your products, start affiliate marketing. In this process, a Company compensates third-party publishers to generate traffic to their websites.

Want more traffic on your website organically? well, then, you need the support of SEO 

5. An additional source of income

Working on affiliate marketing you don’t need to spend a whole day on affiliate marketing; also, you can take it as part-time work that you can work on staying home. You can work on a personal job and affiliate marketing side by side.

Affiliate Marketing for Living in 2022?

Affiliate Marketing: Today’s Leads to Tomorrow’s Profits

Yes, it is possible that you can afford to live through affiliate marketing in 2022; you have to change your way of working. Affiliate marketing is easier and more successful when you access a lot of website traffic. Now, to gather those tons of traffic, you need the help of SEO.

Marketing for living in 2022
Marketing for living in 2022(

If your website is optimized and ranked on top of search results, then people keep coming and coming with an increase in revenue. Surely it’s a long process, but your profit increases much higher than you think.

It could be much better if your contents were qualitative and promoted the sites into social media variations. The more people visit and buy the product, the more you earn from affiliate marketing.

Future of Affiliate Marketing in Nepal

Therefore, Affiliate Marketing has already taken a huge market in the digital marketing field of Nepal. Also, people are getting dragged with the opportunity of affiliate marketing in Nepal.

Daily, the number of affiliate marketers is increasing in the view of earning money. Certainly, there is no sign of cooling off the heat of affiliate marketing in Nepal.

So, don’t get let in making good money staying at your own home. Start affiliate marketing and get into the online marketing business. Hence, The future of affiliate marketing in Nepal is rising well.

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