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Sustainable Tourism for Visit Nepal 2020

Visit Nepal 2020
Visit Nepal 2020

Nothing worries us than what lies ahead. How things are going to turn out tomorrow and yet here we are indifferent of our actions and their consequences. Today it is almost inevitable to the world community to go by without recognizing the impact of tourism. Generally, it is the negative side that showcases, but in tourism, it plays reversely. All the development of tourism has bestowed upon the global community is really remarkable.  But while applauding the one cause we forget another – the negative side. Visit Nepal 2020 campaign help to work on every aspect. 

Turning the page of history, the development of modern tourism started and picked momentum in the late 1940s after the end of World War II. Since then, we have been acclaiming tourism, but it has been only a few decades when the focus turned to the effects as well.

Visit Nepal 2020

It is undeniable that tourism is exploiting social and environmental aspects of our community. There might not a stop to this, but we can always choose to lessen the effects. As there is a popular saying, change is inevitable, and growth is optional. the tourism sector also needed the change to scale the growth. And, that change came as Sustainable tourism – it is best said as a new idea as an escape from old ones.

I don’t know how the world was before, but today it is turned out to be greedy and selfish. Every sector from businesses to government, economic models to individuals, everyone works but for the sake of money only. We know it is a bad practice and it results in unfair and unhealthy conditions and degrades the natural environment. It has put communities in the present and generations in the future in a stake where basic resources like air and water are lacking. This all is a start of disease war and social unrest when the existence of humanity will be at stake.

For the cure of this cause is sustainability that prioritizes long-term well-being over short-term profits. Which avoids all the effects and creating more health and peaceful society.

Visit Nepal 2020 is the biggest campaign for the development of cultural heritage. It supports the green environment campaign. And sustainable tourism for visit Nepal 2020 help in development in different sector of Nepal.

What is Sustainable tourism to visit Nepal 2020 and why it is important?

We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children – what a fine and true saying it is. But the way we are exploiting the environment without a second thought suggests something else.

Tourism and environment are two close subjects linked to one another: one hand tourism relies on natural resources in the form of attractions and on the other hand, the environment can change in negative as well positive way due to the tourism influence.

Rising sea level, the meltdown of snow and the polar ice. Change in temperature over the globe is not just causing the effect on the environment. But they are affecting other sectors and in this case, tourism. Tourism is very much responsible for how the face of nature turns out in the coming days. And adopting sustainability in this topic can create whole new dimensions.

Visit Nepal 2020

People often take the topic of sustainability way to deeply, well, it is a very serious and in-depth topic. However, sustainable tourism is all about taking care of the environment and social ethics and norms. In other words, sustainable tourism development is a development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generation to meet their needs.

But in between all the discussions on sustainable tourism, why the concept is so important? We can easily get some idea from what sustainable tourism stands for. But to help you out even more and in depth here are the three important contributions sustainable tourism makes.

Economic Development

Economic Growth
Economic Growth


Nothing works like the charm of money, yes? You might be earning a great deal of financial benefit from what you currently are, but sustainable tourism gives an insight of how a single effort can make a difference to the whole sector.

Economic development is a problematic topic in sustainable tourism. As most people disagree on the political ideology of what is and is not economically sound. And how it will affect businesses and by extension, jobs, and employability. Sustainable tourism encourages and fosters incentive for the average person to do their bit where and when they can.

How to increase economic

Looking at the context of Nepal under the sustainable communities initiatives, interventions like homestays, women-led micro-enterprises, big-gas, etc. are benefitting both forest and river-dependent communities in Amaltari. Homestays in Amaltari is not only promoting sustainable tourism. But also serving as a major source of income for communities to conserve biodiversity and foster the local economy.

Social Development

Social Development
Social Development (Source: InterAction)


Sustainable tourism visit Nepal 2020 can stimulate new and expanded community facilities and infrastructure initiatives. such as improvement of transport services, education, and entertainment options. All these upgrades the lifestyle of the community. Which may not otherwise warrant the improvement, based on residential population alone.

The jobs and increased infrastructure by tourism can act as very important to reduce emigration from rural. Local people can start feeling their influence on tourism development. As well as improve their jobs and earnings prospects through tourism-related activities.

How to improve Social Development

Sustainable tourism also promotes the conservation of cultural heritage, either as a result of increased awareness and pride. Or because it can be justified on economic grounds as tourist attractions.

For example, festivals and events of local residents depicting their native culture. Where they are the primary participants get the attraction from a tourist as they have never seen it before.

Environment Protection

Environment Protection
Environment Protection (Source: Environment Human Rights)

Sustainable tourism development is like environmental care married to development. It is the basic objective of sustainable tourism to protect the natural environment. Both tourists and locals are taught about nature conservation in such a way that they both take benefit equally.

The local community also becomes aware of environment conservation of local resources, and tourist consciousness increased about global conservation.

Going back to the village of Amaltari, sustainable development of communities includes conservation of natural ecosystem, socio-economic upliftment of local people, respecting local culture, norms, and values. The village has come up with even better option – a portion of homestay revenue is invested in biodiversity conservation and community development. Meaning visitors of Amaltari are supporting biodiversity conservation and upgrading livelihoods of local peoples.


Why your business should adopt sustainability?

As Visit Nepal 2020 is approaching near, it is time for us to give up on your business-minded stereotype and move towards something bigger, something greater.

Going sustainable is like curing the wound you gave yourself. It is time for us to understand, sustainability is not just the need for tourism but the whole world too. It doesn’t take any risk, or extra cost on doing so, all that it counts is, do you really care about the environment you live in?

Buying local products, using eco-friending accommodation, riding a bike to travel to a city. All these are steps towards sustainability as an individual. Sustainability protects the environment. And we know what to do to protect it. whether it is recycling, reducing power consumption by switching electronic devices off. Rather than using the stand by, by walking instead of riding.

How to increase your own business.

If you are a business owner, especially of the hospitality field like hotels, restaurant, travel, and tour then your role is much bigger. With the big event of Visit Nepal 2020, you certainly don’t want to take the risk of being neutral in this topic. And tourist nowadays is not just tourists, they are responsible-traveler, they are eco-tourists. Who are also environment-conscious. Tagging a word sustainable in name-plate of your company won’t make you sustainable. It is all about the ethics and sense of knowing in you.

Maybe you are already making initiations for sustainability. By using solar power, using handicraft items in the office, using eco-friendly papers and so on. If you want your presence felt in the plant form of sustainable tourism, then it is never better than now. In Nepal, Travelife is the most recognized certification for sustainable tourism business in Nepal.

What is the best way of making a strong presence in this virtual world? – the answer obviously is digitalization. People nowadays hardly turn a page of the newspaper, but they will surely tap to read the news in their smartphone.



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