What is PPC and How does it work?

What is PPC? And How does it work for you?

You might be wondering how you can be benefitted from PPC marketing. If you are unaware of PPC marketing, you are out of the competition in digital marketing.

Here are the basics of PPC and types of PPC marketing.

What is PPC?

PPC stands for Pay Per Click. It’s a digital marketing model in which advertisers need to pay only when people click on the ads. It is a technique for buying visitors to the website. It not only obtains visitors, but it is also helpful in generating a conversion.

It creates sales, leads, product and brand consideration, website traffic, awareness and reach, App promotion, etc. It depends on how you use PPC marketing for your business.

Benefits of PPC Marketing

It’s a type of digital marketing to reach audiences. Some of the benefits of PPC advertising are as follows:

Increase Website Traffic

Pay Per Click improves website traffic. Advertisers place their ads along with their website address; if the ads are clicked, it redirects to the site.

The advertiser must pay the budget only when someone clicks on the ads. The ads are shown to those searching for keywords that match your website. So, it’s a useful technique for increasing traffic because the site is visible to the interested traffic.

Accessing the market

When advertisers use the Pay Per Click method in the Company’s promotion, they enter a competitive market. This digital marketing technique helps in brand awareness and reaching the potential audience. It reveals the product and brand in the market to reach interested customers.

Reach the right audience.

The significant benefit of PPC digital marketing is choosing the desired audience. Pay per Click offer to choose your audience.

The advertiser can select the audience for whom the ads should be visible. They can target the viewers according to interests, geolocation, age group, gender, etc.

Generate Sales and higher ROI

If the product value is $300 and the PPC marketing costs $5 for bringing the conversion, then you can calculate your own ROI.

Pay Per Click advertising platform supports Product Listing Advertising (PLA), where advertisers can showcase their products on search engines, shopping searches, video, display ads, etc.

PPC advertising Platforms

Different advertising platforms utilize PPC methods. Some are discussed below:

Google Ads

Google Ads is the first tier for using Pay per click method. Google LLC controls the pay-per-click ads.

Google Ads
Google Ads(Source:Wikimedia Commons)

It has millions of publishers to show their ads and advertisements on its search engine, emails, youtube, and the publisher’s website. The ads are displayed through the Adsense program.

Bing Ads

Bing Ads are controlled by the Bing Search Engine and by Microsoft. These ads are shown on publisher websites, search engines, and emails.

It shows ads on all search networks, including Bing, AOL, and Yahoo search and syndicated search partners. Advertisers manage their ads through the Microsoft advertising platform.

Social Media Ads

Besides search engines, Social media also use the Pay Per Click method. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn Ads are some social media platforms that use Pay Per Click for advertising. These companies show their ads on their website.

Besides these platforms, some other pay-per-click advertising platforms are buysellads, a droll, content, bidvertiser, Infolinks, etc.

Types of PPC

PPC exists in different formats. Its usage depends upon the kind of marketing the advertiser wants to perform. Some of the ad forms are discussed below:

1. Search Ads

Search Ads appeared on the Search Engine Result Page (SERP) above the organic results. The search Ads are shown according to the search queries. If the search queries match the keywords with the advertising keywords, the ads appear on the SERP.

Search Ads
Search Ads(Source: Seobility)

It is a text-based ad. It consists of headlines, links, descriptions, and site links. Moreover, the advertiser can also display their contact details on the search ads.

2. Email Ads

Email ads appear in the e-mailboxes. It appears just above standard emails generally, on the promotion labeled category.

Email Ads
Email Ads(Source:Stockvault)

These emails are sponsored emails. You have never subscribed to these websites, but they appear in your email boxes based on your search history. It’s similar to other emails. You can open these emails as other standard emails. Inside the email, you will have links to the website or products.

3. Display Ads

Display Ads are banner ads that contain graphics. These ads appear on publisher websites and can be any size according to the visitors’ devices. Display ads are useful for increasing website traffic.

On the publisher’s website, it appeared according to the search query histories or website niche. For publishing the display ads, proper keyword research should be done to get higher traffic with a low budget.

4. Social Media Ads

Social media ads appear on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Quora, etc. These ads are controlled from the ad manager panel of respective platforms.

The social media ads are shown according to the audiences’ interest, which appears on the news feed from the user’s activities.

Social Media Ads
Social Media Ads(Source: Seobility)

The social media ad manager platform allows putting the code on the website. These codes keep a record of the user’s behavior with the help of cookies; hence, the ads are shown on the news feed of social media users.

5. Shopping Ads

Shopping Ads are also called PLA Ads and appear on the SERPs. Whenever customers want to buy certain products, these ads appear on the search engine above the organic search.

It is similar to window shopping feel on the internet for buyers. They see the product’s picture, its price, and other information.

Shopping ads are also available on social media platforms. Shopping ads are mostly used for remarketing purposes on social media platforms.

6. Video Ads

Video ads are in the form of videos. It appears before the videos play on youtube or in the middle of where the publisher wants to display the ads. Video Ads are also available as display ads. The video overlays on the website whenever the visitor clicks the ads.

 Video Ads
Example of video ads on Youtube(Source: Ctrl blog)

Conclusion: PPC advertising in Nepal

PPC advertising is increasing in Nepal. This marketing method provides a higher ROI and also increases the business. If pay-per-click advertising is used correctly, the result can be significant with low budgets. Because the ads go to auction, quality ads must pay a smaller budget.

Pay Per Click advertising comes under digital marketing. It is effective because the advertisers must pay only when someone clicks the ad or on an impression basis.

So, there is no wastage of money, and you can track the report to know how the ads performed in marketing the business.

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