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Future of Digital Marketing Agency in Nepal

Can you even imagine your life without the Internet? – No, you definitely can’t.

It probably wouldn’t have mattered if this was the 90s or so. But, it is certainly impossible to live in this generation without getting involved with the Internet.

With the comparison of Digital Marketing in the past, we can find a huge difference in how technology has overcome the world. Digital Marketing has made the world a small village where every piece of information can be shared and acquired online while sitting comfortably on your couch.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is the process of marketing your products digitally via the Internet. If you want your products or ideas to be reached people worldwide, then Digital Marketing is the best and the wise way to go.

In the present scenario, Digital Marketing is the most preferred way of marketing your products worldwide.

Digital Marketing
Digital Marketing(Source: Wikimedia Commons)

In simple terms, Digital Marketing means marketing online with a greater chance of reaching out to people.

Growing Scenario of Digital Marketing Agency in Nepal

Over a few years, the Digital market has spread worldwide. People depend on the digital market for the success of their businesses. Likewise, the growth of digital marketing agencies in Nepal is rising rapidly at its best.

People are converting their offline businesses to online marketing after knowing the merits of digital marketing in the long term. The thoughts of every business agency are focused on Digital Marketing.

As the world is becoming digitalized, internet users are also increasing rapidly. In the context of Nepal, a total of 16.67 million people are connected digitally, according to a report in 2017.

Likewise, the number of Digital Marketing agencies in Nepal has also increased. Although Nepal still lags in technological development, we can certainly see some measures and techniques being embraced, just as Digital Marketing. And today, hundreds of Digital Marketing agencies in Nepal provide a satisfying service to their clients.

Although about half of Nepal’s population is part of the social media platform, few people are aware of Digital Marketing. And only a few of the population are involved in the idea. People of Nepal are unaware of the fruits that Digital Marketing could provide to their business.

So, less involvement in digital marketing has somewhat lagged behind the business development of Nepal. People should be aware of the importance of Digital Marketing to expand and scale the growth and secure the future of Digital Marketing in Nepal.

Importance of Digital Marketing Agency in Nepal

Digital marketing has become part of the business world, and every country is adopting this idea, including Nepal. As the number of internet users is growing in Nepal, the importance of Digital Marketing also appears on the surface.

Let us consider that you want to purchase a new bike; surely, you won’t just directly visit bike showroom and purchase the bike. I bet your first step will be visiting the website, which is related to your desired bike and gathers every information. You might also share the information with your friends or family through social media.

That shows that almost everything begins with online information nowadays, which is why digital marketing is so important in this generation of technology.

Digital Marketing strategy depends on many platforms like social media, search engine optimization, email marketing, etc.

Channels needed for every digital marketing agency

1.  SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO has become a prominent factor as the craving for Digital Marketing agencies in Nepal increases. Above all, almost every Digital Marketing Agency in Nepal provides SEO as its major feature.

SEO is the technique for ranking websites at the top of Google search results. It makes the website visible and gathers tons of organic traffic.

seo (search engine optimization)
search engine optimization(Source: Public Domain Pictures)

The digital marketing agency without SEO service is useless to this generation. Therefore, it is the most required feature for running a Digital marketing agency in Nepal or anywhere.

For more detailed SEO-related information, check out SEO Experts in Nepal.

2. Social Media Marketing

Social media produces the largest number of traffic. Millions of people are interconnected through social media, making it one of the best advertising media.

Social Media Marketing
Social Media Marketing(Source: Wikimedia Commons)


According to domestic social media marketing agencies, there are 9.8 million active Facebook and Instagram users in Nepal. Consequently, that shows Nepal’s growing number of social media users and the opportunity for Digital Marketing agencies in Nepal.

There will be a definite loss in your business if you are not using social media marketing.  

3. Content Marketing

Your content will represent your business. Having flawless content and awesome design on the website will automatically attract your visitor’s focus.

Content Marketing
Content Marketing(Source: Flickr)

Only applying SEO or marketing your website through social media doesn’t help if you have bad content. The first and major step for the website is to have remarkable content.

Content is the King of the website, which has the power to engage with your visitor for a long period. The creativity and attractive designs you present on your website make visitors more engaging, and that is only possible with good content, including images, videos, and many more.

4. Mobile Marketing

As the development of technology has spread worldwide, the use of smartphones is increasing excessively. People prefer smartphones for their Google searches and social media instead of laptops or PC.

Mobile Marketing
Mobile Marketing(Source: Stockvault)

Therefore, it is imperative that you have a mobile responsive website because over 60% of traffic garnering is through smartphones. Mobile information technology is the closest device that stays with human beings and is the quickest means of information.

Future of Digital Marketing Agency in Nepal

In the recent context of Nepal, there has been much progress in Digital Marketing. Likewise, lots of opportunities are rising for Digital Marketing agencies in Nepal. People are showing much interest in digital marketing to uplift the business.

We can observe the increasing number of Digital Marketing Agencies in Nepal. Also, people are searching for a good and reliable Digital Marketing Agency for their development.

The increasing interest in digital marketing and youth taking it as a career option is quite promising for the nation’s future.

Annual Digital Growth in Nepal (2018-2019)

Population Growth = +322 Thousand

Mobile Subscription = +3 Million

Internet Users = +3,241

Active Social Media Users = +600 Thousand

Mobile Social Media Users = +600 Thousand

This data shows the progress of Digital Marketing in Nepal. Also, Nepal is slowly moving towards digitalization, where everyone knows the importance and access to the digital world.

In conclusion, we can proudly say that the future of Digital Marketing Agency in Nepal is as bright as a star.

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