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Search Engine Optimization


Keywords are phrases or words that are written in Search Engine box to find the relevant results. Keyword Research helps to understand what people search for mostly and hence ranking of the website is done accordingly.


On-page SEO Optimization refers to preparing the site for its ranking on the search engine. The optimization is done within the website which includes meta tags optimization, content optimization, etc.


Content Marketing helps your website to rank it on the search engine. Regular updating the content helps to maintain top rank on the search engine.


Technical SEO deals with the speed of a website, device responsiveness, sitemaps, SSL, etc. These are major SEO ranking factors for Google search engine.


Without having knowledge about competitors, you can get the top ranking on the Search Engine. It helps to understand where the competitors are lagging and which strategy to focus on.


Creating backlinks is as important as On-site and technical SEO optimization. Off-site SEO is important to improve page rank and domain authority.

On-site SEO optimization
Starting with Keyword research

On-Site SEO Optimization

The first and foremost step for SEO is On-Site SEO optimization. On-site SEO provides information for what keywords your website ranked for. If you don’t focus on any keywords, it is obvious that the website won’t get any organic traffic from search result. Here is our strategy on how we involve for On-site SEO.


Keyword Research

Without keyword research, it is very difficult to rank the website on the search engine. Keyword research gives information about search volume, country specific keyword details, CPC, keyword difficulty, etc. Here at Hansikar technologies, we use premium tools such as AHREFS and SEMRUSH for performing keyword research.


Meta tags Optimization

These tags are shown in the search engine snippet. Search engine uses keywords from meta tags. If meta tags are not optimized properly, the website gets organic traffic rarely. These tags grabs the attention of the visitors and hence increase the page visit to the website. We use copywriting technique to grab the attention of the visitors and increase the click from the seach engine.


Image Optimization

Image alt tag increases traffic from image search from the search engine. The size of image should be compressed to increase the speed of the website. Also, the dimension of image should be optimized so that it can be device responsive. Our Graphic designers reduce the image size without degrading the quality of the image.

Website Improvements

Technical SEO optimization

Do you know 70% visitors don’t comes to your website agiain due to slow speed and poor website design. Google has started taking Speed, responsiveness, secured SSL, etc. as major SEO ranking factor. Hansikar technologies are aware of it and optimized the website before carrying any other SEO optimization.


Website’s Speed

Website’s Speed is not only important for ranking but also it is equally imprtant for visitor to increase their engagement on the website. Nobody like slow loading website. Search engine bots too crawl faster if the website has good loading time.


Dealing with Website’s errors

Website errors has negative impact in ranking it. We deal with solving the errors with the website. We manually optimize it for proper crawling of the website.


Mobile responsiveness

The mobile users are increasing daily. You are loosing 50% of visitors if your website is not ready for Mobile visit. It is also the major SEO factors used by Google since 2015. Hansikar technologies makes your website a device responsivess so that it can be visited on any devices with proper layout.

Technical SEO
off-site optimization
Keywords ranking and page rank improvements

Off-site SEO optimization

Off-site SEO doesn’t involve working inside the website. Link building methods are helpful for increasing traffics and improving the page rank for the website. Link building is one of the major difficult tasks for SEO optimization.


Link Building

Link building can bring your website at the top of the search engine. It also increase traffic to the website. If the user engagement is good, then, the ranking of the website is sure. But just grabbing backlinks can be harmful for your website. If your website has too many backlinks but irrelevant to your website, then it’s of no use. The relevant do-follow links are of great use but very difficult to achieve. We can help you building genuine links to your website which will increase page ranking and domain authority of the website.


Spam Backlinks

Backlinks can be useful as well as demon for the SEO ranking of the website. Spam backlinks are dangerous for the website. It doesn’t improve your website ranking. Rather than it degrade the website and hence search engine starts removing ranking the website. If you are facing problems with the spam backlinks, we can remove them and make your website clean.


Robot visitors

Robot visitors aren’t useful anymore. They just crawl the website as a fake visitors. The user engagement is needed for better ranking. But robots provide fake engagement which isn’t useful in lead conversion. We help you to block the fake visit to your website which is not useful and degrade the ranking of the website.


Increase Organic traffic to your website

There are more than 100 SEO factors to work on for ranking your website on the Google. We optimize each and every SEO factors to improve Search Engine ranking of your website. Beside SEO optimizations we also deal with removing spam contents from the website.


We provide SEO Service to rank your website on Search engine.

We have SEO experts for optimization of your website and rank it on search engine. We use various premium SEO tools in upgrading your website’s ranking. Moreover, Our SEO experts use Copywriting techniques on title optimization to increase clicks to your website.

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