Nepal is Open for Travel

Dear Friends, colleagues and fellow Travelers,

It is imperative that the government had to reopen the nation amid fear of transmission. The decision has come by analyzing many factors from the economic collapse to the extent that people were dying of hunger rather than the virus. The COVID 19 statistic clears shows that the recovery rate is more than the death from COVID 19. This indicates that we don’t have to be in so much fear and visitors could quarantine themself up in the mountains.

Total Cases – 90,814 | Total Infected – 23,272414 | Total Recovered – 67542 | Deaths 563

We can only combat the disease by applying self-hygiene and proper sanitization. Wearing a mask has before going out of the home has been our necessity. Although the government has reopened the nation the second time for travellers but is not clear how well they will manage the tourist visiting Nepal. Most importantly it is how they are going to manage travellers if a lockdown is suddenly imposed. Many tourists had to face this uncertainty before. As of now, there are only a few counts of infections which are being found in parts of the valley. The infection is gradually decreasing,

If you are looking forward to visiting Nepal then these are few things to keep in mind:

1. Trekking is now open

2. Hotels, restaurants, bars, and cafes will re-open, but cinemas, spas, and salons will remain closed. Guides, Sherpas, etc., will be allowed to operate. Certain safety procedures will be required.

3. You will be required to produce a negative PCR test with 72 hours prior to departure from the country of required destination.

4. Travelers has to go through a health screening facility at airports for a temperature check and apply disinfection on your hands

5. All newly arrived travellers must undergo a mandatory 14-day quarantine. (This statement is not clear)Those travellers who do not have a negative PCR report. It should signify suspected travellers would be transferred to a hospital for observation.

6. Limited international airlines from less affected areas, domestic flight and long-distance public buses taking corrective measures with COVID 19 protocols will open

The world is not the same as it used to be due to the COVID 19 pandemic. So lets us all embrace change and travel with specific guidelines by your respective country restrictions and guidelines.

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Ramesh Hughes | Email : Get Instant Quote