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Kailash Himalaya Trek Pvt. Ltd. is a private limited company. Our head office is in Kathmandu, Nepal. The company is in business since 1990. We are a private limited company registered n Kathmandu, Nepal. It is privately owned and independent company.

Santa Subba is the managing director and founding owner of the company. The mountain and Himalayas inspired him in his early days. His first flight to Mt. Everest in 1985 with legendary Swiss pilot Emil Wick changed his course of life. The exciting flight to Syangboche (Everest Region) in a Pilatus air-craft caught his passion. He then decided to work for mountain tourism. His interest in anthropology and sociology motivated him to work in tourism. He has done the extensive trek in the mountain of Nepal. He learned the importance of tourism in the economy and the impact it has on the Nepalese society. In most of his 40 years in tourism his work involved in trekking and mountaineering in Nepal. Later in 2010, he became interested in the subject of climate change in the livelihood of the people. Responsible tourism is another pertinent subject he is active at present. Santa Subba was an active member of the Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA). He initiated the first print publication of NMA Journal “Nepal Parbat.” He assisted NMA to organize “International Climbers Meet” in Kathmandu – in May 1997. As a board member then he supported to host 25th anniversary of NMA. He participated in the UIAA meeting in Switzerland in 1997. That event enhanced his perspective of mountaineering in the Himalaya. He represented NMA at the Union of Asian Alpine Association Asian mountaineering meeting. Held in Seoul, South Korea. He was active in Trekking Agents Association of Nepal (TAAN) in its early days. He played a key role in publishing its first News Letter in 1990. He led Himalayan Rescue Association in the capacity of its presidents from 2011 to 2014. He initiated a plan to establish ‘Tourist Emergency Response Center.’ The plan has use of GPS monitoring system in the rescue and safety of trekkers and mountaineers in Nepal. Mr Subba is a graduate in Public Administration. He holds a diploma certificate in business and travel management. He did many tourism management courses initiated by PATA.

Ramesh Hughes is the Manager of the company. He joined Santa Subba as his assistant. Ramesh has graduated in Business Management. Now he is working in the position of operation manager. He sources out local service we use in our tourism program. Tourism work attracted him as it provides an opportunity to meet a diverse range of people. He enjoys sharing their experience in Nepal. The diversity of Nepalese culture and ethnicity has always fascinated him. His first trek to Everest Base camp changed his plan to get into the technical profession. He loves to communicate with people. He finds it fun to share his knowledge and experience about the country – Its people, culture and holidays. Most of his work involves in creating personalized travel itinerary. Though travel style and budget are important for him he always wishes to add the largest value in what he wants to offer. Ramesh is always concerned. He wants to ensure to meet the individual need based on their interest and comfort level. He has been with the company since 1993. His in-depth knowledge and experience that he gained are invaluable to the travellers. Though he loves to watch European football games in his free time and occasionally heads to the mountain to take a break in nature. Ramesh feels bureaucracy and lame-duck tourism policy of Nepal government is the problem. It is the only hindrance to the future of prosperous Nepal.

Kitap Tamang and Bekh Magar: They are two experienced and matured staffs in the company. Both have guided trekking in all the areas in the Himalaya of Nepal. Both of them were born and raised in the deep and high mountain valley. They have 26 years of mountain guiding experience. Their journey in trekking started at a very young age. They worked as a camp assistant and kitchen helper. And then took guiding responsibility to handle trekking logistics. Their experiences and reliability have enriched the expertise of the company. Bekh is also an excellent cook on the trek. Kitap has received the profound accolade during his career in leading treks. Trekkers and group leaders hailed him in high esteem. His skill to handle a complex problem in the mountain without a fuss is remarkable. Bekh is popular because of his sense of humour and management skill. Both of them have done an excellent job of taking care of trekkers. They know their trekking territory very well. Both have done all the popular treks. They have trekked innumerable times in Everest, Langtang, Manaslu and Annapurna regions. While not in the mountain they support office on various aspects of trekking. Rinjee Bhote is a professional mountain climbing guide. He has been with Kailash Himalaya Trek for the last 20 years. He has climbed Mt. Everest, Mt. Shishapangma, Mt. ChoOyu, Mt. Putha Hiunchuli, and most of all the trekking peaks. You can trust your life in him in the mountain. He helps office in planning climbing activities for upcoming seasons. His climbing experience and knowledge have enhanced expertise of Kailash Himalaya Trek.

Adarsh Limbu joined the company in 2011. He has enhanced the marketing aspect of the company. He is working in the position of Marketing Manager. His responsibility includes digital technology. Adarsh did his graduation in hotel management from SATEC (Hotel Management School, Singapore). Later he did his graduation in catering from Melbourne University, in Australia. He gained experience in food preparation in Melbourne, Australia. He loves adventures, wilderness, mountain and Himalaya. This attribute brought him to work in mountain tourism. He was a good sportsman in his school days; an excellent forward player in football (soccer). In free time he likes to take his mountain bike and head to the mountain trail for fresh air and inspiration. When he goes trekking he gets fired up with the beauty of Himalaya, mountain and the culture in the villages. He wants to explore more areas and work on sustainable tourism. Diversity in tourism fascinates him. He thinks mass tourism has a negative benefit. He believes quality tourism is sustainable in the long run. Eco-conscious practice and sustainable tourism development is the mantra for Nepal. Next is better infrastructure development and standard facilities for foreign visitors.

Birendra Chaudhary is a touring expert. He does tour guiding. He is a graduate in sociology and anthropology. He has knowledge and experience in community development. His understanding of social development in Nepal has been invaluable. He is a resource person to help the company in its sustainable development approach.

Dinesh Gaire is a linguist. He specializes in the French language. He is one of our best sightseeing guides. He advises the company on various aspects of tours and sightseeing.

Above personnel is the crux of the company. They organize coordinate, curate itineraries, and prepare holidays for travellers and group tours. Besides them many resource persons, guides and experts are involved in our teamwork. In peaks season Kailash Himalaya Trek employs 10 additional trekking guides and 5 tour guides. All personnel and resource staffs contribute to the success of Kailash Himalaya Trek. Each has a high degree of reliability and professional work behind them. Their expertise, first- hand knowledge and resources have maintained consistency in our service. This is the reason why we remained sustained in tourism for thirty-odd years

The company is registered at Department of Tourism & Recognized by His Majesty’s Government of Nepal. It is established 1991. We are members of Trekking Agents Association of Nepal (TAAN), Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA) and Himalayan Rescue Association (HRA), Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Civil Aviation (MOTCA).

Business and mailing Address:
PO Box 4781, Adwait Marg-Baghbazar,
Kathmandu, Nepal
E-mail # khtadventure@gmail.com
Fax # (977)-1-4246571
Telephone # (977) – 1 – 4241249, 4240980
Mobile: +977-9813585999
website: www.kailashhimalaya.com

You will have wonderful Holiday in this region with us, enjoy the marvel of Nature and Cultural Heritage in Nepal and beyond Himalayas. We take you to experience the incredible holiday. So come and walk, trek, climb and drive with us!!

Ramesh Hughes


Ramesh Hughes | Email : khtadventure@gmail.com Get Instant Quote


Ramesh Hughes | Email : khtadventure@gmail.com Get Instant Quote