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Digital Marketing

Why Digital Marketing in Nepal?

Digital Marketing means making visibility of your business on the Internet or any Digital Medium. More than million of people in Nepal are within the reach of Internet, So, it can be best strategy for promoting the business brand.

Digital Consultancy

Digital Consultancy is necessary before moving to Digital Marketing. If Proper plan and strategy are not made, Digital Marketing is not effective.

Traffic Analytic

SEO helps to rank the website (business) on the Search Engine Result Page. It plays a vital role in increasing organic traffic to the website.

Brand Marketing

Without Brand awareness, no Digital Marketing become successful. Brand Marketing is one of the phase of the conversion funnel to increase conversion.

Social Tracking

Social Media Marketing (SMM) provides online visibility of a business on Social Media Platform. It is useful in Brand awareness and building online community for user engagement.

Conversion Optimization

Paid advertisement is needed when you want fast and effective business's exposure. Search Engine Marketing can be of greater use to promote business on the Search Engine Result Page.

Performance Monitoring

The ultimate aim of Digital Marketing is lead generation. If ROI can't be fulfilled Digital Marketing become useless. Effective plan and Strategy is needed for greater ROI.

Digital Consultancy before stepping in digital marketing
Understand Digital Marketing before stepping in

Digital Consultancy

Isn’t it awesome if you understand Digital Marketing Strategies before you step in? It is necessary to know how Digital Marketing can boost your business. Digital Marketing is all about brand awareness and increasing sales through usage of internet. We discuss our plan and strategy with you on how digital marketing can be effective for your business.


Targeting Customers

Proper strategy is needed for targeting customers towards your business. The strategy and plan differs according to the type of business. We discuss our plan with you to clear your doubts. We want your success and we will help you to reach there.


Boosting business

Digital Marketing is most effective strategy for boosting business. It helps in increasing sales and improves digital branding. It build trust for your customers. We can help you to boost your business through Digital Marketing with Mutual cooperation.

Ad Campaign Management

Paid Advertisements

Wanna see the flooding of your ads all over the internet? Digital Marketing made it possible to flood your ads on every computers and smartphones. These are paid ads which only appears on the devices who searches for the relevant keywords. So, it makes the marketing strategy effective.


Search Engine Marketing

SEM displays your ads on search engine and its partner’s website. It provides various types of ads such as text ads, display ads, etc. SEM is most effective for increasing the sale of your business. Since, it is PPC based, so there is nothing to worry because you don’t need to pay a penny if people don’t go through your business.


Social Media Marketing

Want your flooding of ads on the social media platform. Whenever people searches for the keywords relevant to your business, the ads appears on their profile forcing them to think to buy your service or product.

Lead Generation in Digital Marketing
Increase your Sales

Lead Generation

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you generate more sales through the usage of internet? Digital marketing can help you with it. Ad copy, copywriting techniques, landing pages, call-to-action, etc. can help you to increase the sale.


Sales Increment

Proper Digital Marketing helps you to reach the unknown people to purchase your product. Attractive landing pages and call-to-action improves the conversion rate. Thus, it improves ROI with small investment with just conversion funnel strategy.


Email Marketing

People who subscribe to your business are permanent customers. If you have some offers and discounts, you can inform them through Email. This technique can increase the profit upto 150%, since no further marketing investment is needed.


Automated Marketing

Digital Marketing is an automated task. If you set it up once, then you just need to review it. No need to repeat the process. This facilities grab the attention of many business because it reduces the marketing hassle.

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