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Hansikar Technologies aspires to bring a technological and marketing revolution in the businesses globally. We aim to be a one-stop destination where our clients can realize the full potential of their digital marketing needs leading to increased revenue.

In this digital age, we are offering a completely new approach which is driven by a different philosophy- where we believe innovating on the product offering can be far more impactful than innovating in TV commercials, and where we think outsmarting the competition is a better thing to do than outspending them.

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Savvy Digital Marketers

From developing effective strategies to conducting SEO and SEM works, our marketers have all the experience and have worked with top businesses and organizations to uplift their overall digital presence.

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Experienced Web Developers

Your website is the focal point of digital presence. Our talented web guys will present you with an attractive, interactive and fully functional web sites and web solutions which will boost your business and your brand as a whole.

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Social Media Experts

Establishing and growing a social footprint is simply an art form. With a talented and driven team handling social media, increased interactions, more following and even advertisement campaigns will be done in a smooth and efficient manner.

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Skilled Content Writers

Content Is King! Alluring and attention-grabbing contents are exactly what our writers will provide you for your website, sales material, social media posts, etc.

Last Year
We have helped 26 businesses to grow their clients.

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In a YearWe’ve Grown

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15 Team Members

We have a team of 15 team members including Designers, developers, Content creators and video editors.

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Over 80 Projects

We have worked almost all kind of industries ranging from healthcare to entertainment.

StepsHow we work

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Step 1:
We understand you values, vision and mission. We research about core values so that we can convey same to your customers. Marketing in a right is most important so that we do not hurt sentiments of your business and your clients.
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Step 2:
With frequent meetings and discussion we plan strategies for your branding and marketing closely reviewed by you. Connecting physical and digital marketing is another big challenge in today’s world. Strategies are well researched and documented for next 1 year or more.
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Step 3:
We apply Agile Methodology to review and update as we learn more about the market by experimenting and working. Sticking to the plan and working hard is what makes the project successful. We never settle for less than we have started for.

Our Team

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Saugat Thokar
Graphics Designer

Chris Brogan“Marketers need to build digital relationships and reputation before closing a sale.”


We brand you business on Internet like never before. Leveraging power of Internet and social media is best gift you can give to your business.

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